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This study aimed to evaluate the effect of chronic treatment with chaetomellic acid A (CAA) on oxidative stress and renal function in amodel of renalmass reduction. Methods.MaleWistar ratswere subjected to 5/6 nephrectomy (RMR) or sham-operated (SO). One week after surgery, rats have been divided into four experimental groups: RMR: RMR rats without treatment (n = 14); RMR + CAA: RMR rats treated with CAA (n = 13); SO: SO rats without treatment (n = 13); and SO + CAA: SO rats treated with CAA (n = 13). CAA was intraperitoneally administered in a dose of 0.23 μg/Kg three times a week for six months. Results. RMR was accompanied by a significant reduction in catalase and glutathione reductase (GR) activity (p < 0.05) and a decrease in reduced glutathione (GSH)/oxidized glutathione (GSSG) ratio. CAAadministration significantly increased catalase andGR activity (p < 0.05) and increased GSH/GSSG ratio, but no significant difference between the treated and nontreated groups was found in this ratio.No significant differences were found between theRMRgroups in any of the parameters of renal function.However, CAA administration slightly improves some parameters of renal function. Conclusions. These data suggest that CAA could attenuate 5/6 RMR-induced oxidative stress.

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Nogueira, António José M. -  Peixoto, Francisco -  Oliveira, Maria Manuel -  Pires, Carlos André -  Colaço, Bruno -  Oliveira, Paula Alexandra -  Pires, Maria João - 

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Relación: [References] info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/FCT/5876/147341/PT
[References] PTDC/DTP-DES/6077/2014

Fecha de contribución: 04-feb-2018


* Nogueira, António; Peixoto, Francisco; Oliveira, Maria Manuel; Pires, Carlos André; Colaço, Bruno; Oliveira, Paula Alexandra; Pires, Maria João (2017) - The effects of long-term chaetomellic acid a administration on renal function and oxidative stress in a rat model of renal mass reduction. BioMed Research International. ISSN 2314-6133. 2017, p.
* 2314-6133
* 10.1155/2017/5125980

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