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The present study was designed to examine the following: (1) the taxonomic. spatial, and temporal patterns of availability of all invertebrate species associated with Macrocystis (excluding protozoans and nematodes); (2) the utilization of this invertebrate assemblage as food by kelp forest fishes within the Macrocystis "foliage- searching" feeding guild, as well as proximal mechanisms leading to observed patterns of resource partitioning; and (3) the dynamic relationship between availability and utilization of this food resource. The approach was largely descriptive. with observations collected during a 19-month period from June 1975 to December 1976. Chapter I is an investigation of the resource utilization patterns of four species of kelp forest fishes with respect to food-related resource dimensions. and tests aspects of current theory involving inter- and intraspecific competition. Chapter II is a detailed examination of the invertebrate assemblage associated with Macrocystis and presents life histories of the fishes examined during this study. (PDFs contains 387 pages, chapter 1 is 203 pages, chapter 2 is 184 pages)

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* Coyer, James Allen (1979) The Invertebrate Assemblage Associated with Macrocystis pyrifera and its Utilization as a Food Resource by Kelp Forest Fishes. PhD thesis, University of Southern California.

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