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The study of the reproduction of Diplodus vulgaris (Geoff.) as part of a base-line study of the fishery resources of the southwest coast of Portugal, was based on the analysis of the spawning season, gonad maturation, size at maturity, fecundity and hermaphroditism. The spawning season is relatively long, from December to March, with peaks in January and February. No significant differences were found either in the sex ratio (M:F = 1.01) over the year or by size. The size at first maturity (L-50) for all sexes and undetermined individuals combined was 18.33 cm total length (TL), with no significant differences between males and females. The estimated L-50 is considerably greater than the minimum legal size in Portugal of 15.0 cm. Mean absolute fecundity (F-a) was 131 127 oocytes, ranging from 31 523 to 250 608. The relationship between absolute fecundity and total length (TL) (F-a = 25 398 TL-484 426) and somatic weight (SW) (F-a = 878.8SW-71 416) was of the linear type. The mean number of oocytes per gram of somatic weight was 526, ranging from 194 to 887. The reproductive strategy of this species is characterized by a rudimentary hermaphroditism with possible protandry, as evidenced by the existence of individuals in sexual transition.

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* 0175-8659
* 10.1046/j.1439-0426.2000.00232.x

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