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Through the analysis of Street Feast, a commercial street food event concept in London, the chapter explores the symbiotic relationship between street food, immersive eating and unusual locations and venues. Street food has always been associated with public spaces such as streets, plazas or public squares, marketplaces or car parks. A deeper investigation, however, reveals that street food event companies and vendors may use unusual locations and venues such as abandoned warehouses, builders’ yards, power stations, and car parks to embody their unusual and quirky nature and generate interest; promote off-the-beaten-track city areas; encourage alternative forms of consumption; support local communities; and encourage local traders. As part of the alternative events and slow food movement, street food commercial events offer a chance for visitors to reinterpret, rethink and reimagine abandoned places and spaces. Unusual locations are actively used to facilitate and amplify immersive experiences. Therefore, the production and consumption of street food events and festivals is directly influenced by the choice of alternative and non-traditional consumption areas. Commercial street food events concepts such as Street Feast offer a counterbalance to the globalised food society and encourage a different form of event experience production and consumption, one personalised to users and local communities.

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* Sima, Claudia and Vogt, Franziska (2018) The symbiotic relationship between unusual venues and street food commercial events: the case of Street Feast in London. In: Exhibitions, trade fairs and industrial events. Routledge Advances in Event Research . Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138219359

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