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We have computed the evolution of Super-AGB stars from the main sequenceand up to a few hundred thermal pulses, with special attention to the low metallicity cases(Z = 10 10; 10 5; 10 4 and 10 3). Our computations have been performed using time–dependent mixing and new opacity tables that admit variations in the abundances of carbonand oxygen. By following the evolution along the main central burning stages and theearly TP-SAGB, we resolve the upper mass limits for the formation of TP-SAGB stars anddetermine the mass range at which the dredge-out phenomenon occurs. This phenomenoninvolves the merger of a convective shell sustained by helium burning at the top of thedegenerate core with the hydrogen–rich convective envelope and the occurrence of a hydrogenflash. The dredge–out allows elements synthesised through helium burning to betransported to the stellar surfaces and therefore it can a ect the initial composition of theTP-SAGB stars.

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Gil Pons, Pilar -  Doherty, Carolyn L. - 

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Fecha de contribución: 06-may-2012



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