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Using the new inner surface modification technique named GEPS II (grid-enhanced plasma source ion implantation), which is designed for inner surface modification of tubular work piece, has successfully produced TiN coating on 0.45% C steel (45 # steel). By comparing with the uncoated 45 # steel sample, the electrochemical corrosion test on the coated 45 # steel samples presents about 5-10 times improvement in their corrosion resistance. Structural analysis shows that the TiN coatings have preferred crystal orientation(111) and (2000). And the depth of coatings is about 20 nm, with part of which embedding in the substrate.

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Zhang, GL -  张谷令 -  Wang, JL -  王久丽 -  Yang, WB -  杨武保 -  Fan, SH -  范松华 -  Liu, CZ -  刘赤子 -  Yang, SZ -  杨思泽 - 

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Fecha de contribución: 16-abr-2012


* 1000-3290

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