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When a physical system is subjected to a strong external multifrequency drive, its dynamics can be conveniently represented in the multidimensional Floquet lattice. The number of Floquet lattice dimensions equals the number of irrationally-related drive frequencies, and the evolution occurs in response to a built-in effective “electric” field, whose components are proportional to the corresponding drive frequencies. The mapping allows us to engineer and study temporal analogs of many real-space phenomena. Here, we focus on the specific example of a two-level system under a two-frequency drive that induces topologically nontrivial band structure in the 2D Floquet space. The observable consequence of such a construction is the quantized pumping of energy between the sources with frequencies ω_1 and ω_2. When the system is initialized into a Floquet band with the Chern number C, the pumping occurs at a rate P_(12)=−P_(21)=(C/2π)ℏω_1ω_2, an exact counterpart of the transverse current in a conventional topological insulator.

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Martin, Ivar -  Refael, Gil -  Halperin, Bertrand - 

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Relación: [References] http://resolver.caltech.edu/CaltechAUTHORS:20171011-110835402
[References] https://authors.library.caltech.edu/82281/

Fecha de contribución: 18-oct-2017


* Martin, Ivar and Refael, Gil and Halperin, Bertrand (2017) Topological frequency conversion in strongly driven quantum systems. Physical Review X, 7 (4). Art. No. 041008. ISSN 2160-3308. http://resolver.caltech.edu/CaltechAUTHORS:20171011-110835402

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