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A study on motility of spermatozoa of the Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus were carried out. The time of relative cessation of sperm activity was evaluated using microscopic observation. Sperm was activated with three different swimming medium, freshwater pH 7.5, and two different buffered saline solutions, pH 7.5. The total period of the motility of A. persicus spermatozoa was shorter in freshwater than saline solutions. A significant correlation was found between the period of sperm motility and dilution rate. Increasing dilution rate from 1:50 to 1:500 had a negative effect on sperm motility and significantly decreased the duration of motility (P<0.01). There was also a significant correlation between the ionic composition of swimming medium and a total period of sperm motility.

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Hadi Alavi, S.M. -  Mojazi Amiri, B. -  Pourkazemi, M. - 

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* Hadi Alavi, S.M. and Mojazi Amiri, B. and Pourkazemi, M. (2004) Total period of motility of Acipenser persicus spermatozoa in freshwater and saline solution. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 4(1), pp. 67-76.

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