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A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of duck manure and spilled duvk weed on water quality and production of Oreochromis niloticus in an intigrated system utilizing two loacl duck weed breeds. Treatment 1 (T1) consist of fish (mean weight, 20.7 ~c 1.28g) stocked at a density of 5 fish/m2 pond and integrated with 12 mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchas); treatment 2 (T2) consist of fish (mean weight, 21.86 ~c 0.93g) stocked at a density of 5 fish/m2 pon and integrated with 12 Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata) with treatment 3 (T3) was the control (72m2 fish pond without integration). Fish with treatment two was fed compounded feed of 30% crude protein content three times daily while those in T1, T2 fed on duck manure and spilled duck feed (15% crude protein content). Water quality parameter of the fish pond, growth parameters of the fish and duck were monitored. After a 12-week experimental period, mean weight gain of fish were 140.68, 122.11 and 157.19g in T1, T2 and T3 respectively, while percentage survival was high in T3 and lower in T2. Water quality parameter was generally favorable for fish growth in the treatment. Mallard ducks are recommended for the duck-fish system since they perform better than Muscovey duck both in survivability and ability to engender fish growth.

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Nnaji, J.C. -  Eze, J.O. -  Isah, J. -  Ahmed, J. - 

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* Nnaji, J.C. and Eze, J.O. and Isah, J. and Ahmed, J. (2013) Water quality and growth performance of Oreochromis niloticus under integration with mallard and muscovy ducks. In: 28th Annual Conference of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) , 25-29 Nov 2013 ,Abuja, Nigeria, pp. 38-41.

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