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IAU Symposium 247 addresses the latest discoveries on magnetic waves and oscillations, observed recently in the atmosphere of the Sun. The energy sources which maintain the extraordinarily high temperature of the Sun’s outer coronal layer continue to fascinate solar researchers. It is now clear that the ubiquitous magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere are the crucial ingredient to understanding the solar corona. These proceedings of IAU S247 contain a selection of presentations and reviews made by internationally renowned scientists on the solar heating enigma and magneto-seismology of the solar atmosphere. It emphasizes magnetic wave and oscillation observations in different observational bands, consolidation of the theory and the observational findings, and observations with new and future solar missions.

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Erdelyi, R. -  Mendoza -  Briceno, C. - 

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* Erdelyi, R. and Mendoza-Briceno, C. (2008) Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere. Cambridge University Press , (398pp). ISBN 978-0521874694

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