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In 2000 The Ohio Academy of Science published its definition of "Science." Response to this definition led the Academy to produce a position paper entitled What is Science? The Academy officially adopted the position paper version of What is Science?, http://www.ohiosci.org/Whatisscience.pdf, at the April 2004 Ohio Academy of Science Annual Meeting. Response to this fact sheet demonstrated a need to further expand this document. Thus, this expanded version builds on the April 2004 position paper, What is Science? This paper clarifies what is science, the scientific method, a scientific hypothesis, a scientific theory, the importance of science, and what is not science.

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Shrake, Douglas L. -  Elfner, Lynn E. -  Hummon, William -  Janson, Richard W. -  Free, Miles - 

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* The Ohio Journal of Science, v106, n4 (September, 2006), 130-135.
* 0030-0950

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