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Lagos state has a major sea port for landing of frozen fish from Mauritania, Senegal, the Scottish waters and other European countries. In the last three years, the dense population of the state has encouraged all kinds of trade to thrive. Fish as a major food in many Nigerian diets has been known to complement the high carbohydrate intake of majority of the Nigerian populace because of the unaffordable prices of beef in the market. The market for frozen fish is rich in Lagos. It has provided many women fishmongers a livelihood for over a decade. They have been able to sustain their families and improve their social status over the years. This study reports the modus operandi of the trade. The study covered a period of three months. Fish sales were monitored in Epe, Oyingbo, Ijora and Alaba markets. The cooperation of the heads of markets (Iya Olojas) were requested at every market. It was ensured that observations and the interviews/questionnaires do not interfere with the women's activities. Specific areas focused upon in the study included countries of fish imports, most acceptable species, packaging, purchase price, sales price and profit margins. Other important factors in the fish market that were studied included entrance into the fish marketing business, sources of finance and problems. The study also made suggestions on how to improve upon the fish marketing business of women in Lagos State.

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