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HUSCAP (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers) contains peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, educational resources and any kind of scholarly works of Hokkaido University.

Vol. ???, No. 4

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  1. Biology of the Primitive Social Bee, Halictus duplex Dalla Torre, III. : Activities in Spring Solitary Phase (With 15 Text-figures)

    SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F.; HAYASHIDA, Kazuo

  2. The Cytological Effect of Chemicals on Tumors, XIII. : Phase Optic Observations on Effects of Carzinophilin and Thio-TEPA upon Dividing Cells in Tissue Culture

    OISHI, Hidetsune

  3. An Observation on Diurnal Activity of Fantails Released in a Park (With 8 Text-figures)

    MASATOMI, Hiroyuki

  4. On the Fertilizability of the Frog Egg, I (With 1 Table and 5 Text-figures)

    KATAGIRI, Chiaki

  5. Morphological and Histochemical Studies on Regeneration in a Freshwater Planarian, Dendrocoelopsis lacteus (With 1 Table and 1 Plate)

    ICHIKAWA, Atsuhiko; ISHII, Saburo

  6. Cytological and Cytogenetical Studies on Paramecium Polycaryum, III. : Disturbance of the Conjugation Process of the Nucleus following the Application of Mitomycin-C (With 3 Tables and 1 Plate)


  7. Cytological Studies of Tumors, XXXVII. : Chromosome Conditions of Animal Tumors after Deep Freezing (With 16 Text-figures)

    KIMURA, Yanagi; KIKUCHI, Yasumoto

  8. Cytological Effect of Chemicals on Tumors, XII. : A Chromosome Study in a Human Gastric Tumor following Radioactive Colloid Gold (Au198) Treatment (With 2 Tables, 8 Text-figures and 2 Plates)

    SASAKI, Masao S.

  9. Chromatophorotropins in the Prawn Palaemon paucidens during the Molting Cycle (With 1 Text-figure)

    AOTO, Tomoji

  10. Chromatophorotropins in the Prawn Palaemon paucidens and their Relationship to Long-term Background Adaptation (With 7 Text-figures)

    AOTO, Tomoji

  11. Effects of Reduction of Calcium on Electrical Activities of Muscle Membrane (With 6 Text-figures)

    HISADA, Mituhiko; MIYAMOTO, Yoshimi

  12. Electrophysiological Studies on the Mechanism of Effects of Anaesthetics on the Isolated Frog Muscle Fibre (With 10 Text-figures)

    YAMAGUCHI, Tsuneo

  13. The Effects of Potassium and Calcium Ions on the Transmission of Nerve Impulses through the Abdominal Ganglion of the Crayfish (With 10 Textfigures)

    WATANABE, Yoshio

  14. Polarized Light Microscopy on the Single Frog Muscle Fibre (With 5 Text-figures and 1 Plate)

    WASHIO, Hiroshi; KAKIUCHI, Yoshihiro; TAMASIGE, Mituo

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