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HUSCAP (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers) contains peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, educational resources and any kind of scholarly works of Hokkaido University.

Vol. ???, Nos. 1-2

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    UCHIDA, Tohru

  2. Some Cytological Observations on Parthenogenesis in Daphnia pulex (de Geer) (With 3 Plates)

    OJIMA, Yoshio

  3. On the Spermatogenesis of Daphnia pulex (de Geer) (With 17 Textfigures)

    OJIMA, Yoshio

  4. On the Development of a Brood-Caring Actinian (With 2 Text-figures)

    UCHIDA, Tohru; IWATA, Fumio

  5. Distribution of Scyphomedusae in Japanese and its Adjacent Waters (With 2 Text-figures)

    UCHIDA, Tohru

  6. Drosophila Survey of Hokkaido, II. : Chromosomes of Seven Wild Species (With 34 Text-figures)

    MOMMA, Eizi

  7. Polychaetous Annelids from Matsushima Bay (With 10 Text-figures)

    OKUDA, Shiro; YAMADA, Mayumi

  8. A Study on the Mitotic Activity in the Bone Marrow of Normal Mice Following Treatment with Urethane (With 2 Text-figures)

    TAKAHASHI, Masaki

  9. Cytological Studies of Tumors, XVI. : Cytological Differences of MTK-sarcoma II and Takeda Sarcoma, with Preliminary Experiments on Double Inoculation with the Two Tumors (With 24 Text-figures)

    TONOMURA, Akira

  10. Experiments on Single-Cell Inoculation with the Hirosaki Sarcoma (With 13 Text-figures)

    KANÔ, Kyoko

  11. Studies on the Cytoplasmic Granules in the Tumor Cells of the MTK-sarcoma, I. : Morphological Observations on the Neutral Red Granules (With 11 Figures)

    OKADA, Tadashi A.

  12. Observations on the Diurnal Activity of a Japanese Common Mosquito, Culex pipiens var. pallens Coquillett (With 5 Text-figures)

    SUZUKI, Kenji

  13. Some Experiments on the Food-Habit of Two Puzzling Species of Lady-Birds, Epilachna pustulosa Kôno and E. vigintioctomaculata Motschulsky (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) (With 6 Text-figures)

    SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F.; YAMAGUCHI, Yoshihiko

  14. Notes on the Shell Structure of the Oyster, Gryphaea (Ostrea) gigas from the Akkeshi Lake (With 2 Text-figures)

    MIYAWAKI, Mitsuharu

  15. Comparative Anatomy of Male Genitalia in Some Cerambycid Beetles (With 199 Text-figures)

    EHARA, Shôzô

  16. A Comparative Study of the Alimentary Canal in Butterflies, with Special Reference to Their Systematic Relationships (With 60 Text-figures)

    HOMMA, Toshihiro

  17. The Fauna of Akkeshi Bay : XX. Nemertini in Hokkaido (Revised Report) (With 9 Text-figures and 1 Table)

    IWATA, Fumio

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