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Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers (135.521 recursos)

HUSCAP (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers) contains peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, educational resources and any kind of scholarly works of Hokkaido University.

Vol. ???, No. 3

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  1. The Cytological Effect of Chemicals on Ascites Sarcomas : V. Effects of Cortisone and Sarkomycin on the MTK-Sarcoma II (With 3 Text-figures and 2 Plates)

    SASAKI, Motomichi

  2. On the Distribution of Nucleic Acids in Tumor Cells of the MTK-Sarcoma III

    HORI, Samuel H.

  3. Effect of Removal of the Eyestalks on the Growth and Maturation of the Oocytes in a Hermaphroditic Prawn, Panaalus kessleri (With 2 Text-figures and 1 Plate)

    AOTO, Tomoji; NISHIDA, Hideo

  4. Ecological Survey of Aquatic Animals in the Stream Yokoshibetsu, Sapporo (With 6 Text-figures)

    KIKUCHI, Hisabumi

  5. Studies on the Formation of Fish Eggs : III. Localization of Polysaccharides in Oocytes of Liopsetta obscura (With 2 Plates)

    YAMAMOTO, Kiichiro

  6. Studies on the Formation of Fish Eggs : II. Changes in the Nucleus of the Oocyte of Liopsetta obscura, With Special Reference to the Activity of the Nucleolus (With 4 Textfigures and 3 Plates)

    YAMAMOTO, Kiichiro

  7. Studies on the Formation of Fish Eggs : I. Annual Cycle in the Development of Ovarian Eggs in the Flounder, Liopsetta obscura (With 2 Textfigures and 3 Plates)

    YAMAMOTO, Kiichiro

  8. Zur Wahrnehmungspsychologie der optischen Dressur bei der Honigbiene. Beitrag I : Dressierbarkeit gegen konturarme Figur gestellt auf konturreichem Grund (Mit 15 Textabbildungen)

    SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F.

  9. Histological Observations on the Incretory Elements in the Eyestalk of a Brachyura, Telmessus cheiragonus (Tilesius) (With 9 Text-figures)

    MIYAWAKI, Mitsuharu

  10. The Effect of Single Salt Solutions on the Fertilizability of the Herring Egg (With 5 Text-figures)


  11. A Comparative Histology of Male Gonads in Some Cerambycid Beetles with Notes on the Chromosomes (With 1 Plate and 30 Text-figures)

    EHARA, Shôzô

  12. The Effects of Some Sex Hormones on the Development of Bidder's Organ in Bufo vulgaris formosus Boulenger (With 1 Textfigure and 2 Plates)

    TAKAHASHI, Hiroya

  13. Some Observations on Sex Differentiation in a Salamander, Hynobius retardatus, with Reference to Experiments on the Effects of Overripeness of Eggs (With 1 Text-figure and 3 Plates)

    MIKAMO, Kazuya

  14. Digestion of Egg Envelopes and their Chemical Properties of the Lamprey's Egg, Lampetra japonica (2 Text-figures)

    YAMAMOTO, Tadashi S.

  15. Ueber den japanischen Hering (Clupea pallasii C. et V.) : III. Der Beginn der Entwicklung ohne Zerfallen der Kortikalalveoli) (Mit 3 Textabbildungen)

    KANOH, Yasuhiko; YANAGIMACHI, Ryuzo

  16. Ueber Wasseraufnahme und Aktivierung der Lachseier. : IV. Vorlaufiges Experiment in Betreff des Calciumproblems (Mit 1 Textabbildung)

    KANOH, Yasuhiko

  17. Some Spider Mites from Northern Japan (With 22 Text-figures)

    EHARA, Shôzô

  18. The Fauna of Akkeshi Bay : XXIV. Entoprocta (With 6 Text-figures)

    YAMADA, Mayumi

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