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Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers (135.521 recursos)

HUSCAP (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers) contains peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, educational resources and any kind of scholarly works of Hokkaido University.

Vol. 18 No. 1

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  1. Records of Ten Eriophyid Mites Associated with Plants in Japan (With 64 Text-figures)

    HUANG, Tsan

  2. The Biology of a Harpacticoid Copepod, Harpacticus uniremis Kröyer (With 14 Text-figures and 1 Plate)

    ITÔ, Tatsunori

  3. Three Species of Flustrellidra (Bryozoa, Ctenostomata) from Hokkaido (With 3 Text-figures, 1 Table and 2 Plates)

    MAWATARI, Shunsuke F.

  4. Spirorbinae (Polychaeta, Serpulidae) from Hokkaido II (With 10 Text-figures and 9 Tables)

    UCHIDA, Hiro'omi

  5. Studies on Gregarines from Japan : II. Cephaloidophora anisogammari n. sp. and Cephaloidophora elongata n. sp. from Amphipoda (With 2 Text-figures, 2 Tables and 1 Plate)

    HOSHIDE, Kazumi

  6. Annual Cycle of Behaviour and Social Pattern of the Japanese Pika, Ochotona hyperborea yesoensis (With 3 Text-figures)

    KAWAMICHI, Takeo

  7. Daily and Seasonal Fluctuations of Blood Sucking Activity of Horse-flies in Sapporo, Hokkaido (With 7 Text-figures and 6 Tables)

    INAOKA, Tohru

  8. Nest Distribution of Formica yessensis Forel in Ishikari Shore, in Reference to Plant Zonation (With 5 Text-figures and 1 Table)

    ITO, Masao

  9. Improvement of Bodenheimer's Method for Estimating Individual Number in Honeybee Colonies (With 2 Text-figures and 2 Tables)

    FUKUDA, Hiromi

  10. Observations on the Bionomics of Some Neotropical Xylocopine Bees, with Comparative and Biofaunistic Notes (Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae) (With 59 Text-figures and 7 Tables)

    SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F.; LAROCA, Sebastião

  11. An Experimental Study on the Effect of Low-Intensity Ultrasound on Developing Mouse Embryos (With 6 Text-figures and 2 Tables)

    SHOJI, Ryujiro; MOMMA, Eizi; SHIMIZU, Tetsuya; MATSUDA, Shozi

  12. Eyestalk Musculature of the Crayfish, Procambarus clarki (With 1 Text-figure and 1 Table)

    SUGAWARA, Kiyoshi; HISADA, Mituhiko; HIGUCHI, Takashiro

  13. Reflex Mechanism of Pinching a Soft or a Solid Body with the Claw of the Crayfish (With 8 Text-figures)

    MURAMOTO, Atsuko; TAMASIGE, Mituo

  14. Studies on the Molting in the Freshwater Prawn, Palaemon paucidens : II. Effects of Eyestalk Removal in Relation to the State of Ovarian Growth (With 2 Text-figures, 2 Tables and 1 Plate)

    KAMIGUCHI, Yujiroh

  15. Studies on the Molting in the Freshwater Prawn, Palaemon paucidens : I. Some Endogenous and Exogenous Factors Influencing the Intermolt Cycle (With 2 Text-figures and 3 Tables)

    KAMIGUCHI, Yujiroh

  16. Forelimb Regeneration in the Larvae of the African Clawed Toad (Xenopus laevis), with Special Reference to the Developmental Stage of the Animals (With 1 Table and 1 Plate)

    NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki

  17. Ultrastructural Observations on the Thyrotrope in Metamorphosing Xenopus laevis (With 5 Plates)

    WATANABE, Yûichi G.

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