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  1. Flexible modeling of the cost evolution of pneumococcal infections

    Tohye, Abera Mulugeta
    Flexible modeling of Pneumococcal infections

  2. Evaluation of Different Strategies for Weighted Average Vaccine Efficacy

    Rakhmawati, Trias Wahyuni
    Master Thesis Title: Evaluation of Different Strategies for weighted average vaccine efficacy Student: Trias Wahyuni Rakhmawati (1030011)

  3. Stress during pregnancy and its influence on the offspring's development and temperament: a physiological study

    Parra Soto, José Elibiel
    Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMM's) are appropriate to model univariate and multivariate outcome data. These methods are especially suitable to analyze missing no-normal questionnaire data. GLMM's were used to study the associations between antenatal maternal anxiety (measured with The Pregnancy Related Anxiety Questionnaire) and cortisol, as well as antenatal maternal depression (measured with the Edinburgh pregnancy depression scale) and cortisol. In total, there were 192 normal participants in the Prenatal Early Life Stress (PELS) PROJECT TILBURG. Univariate, bivariate and multivariate GLMM's for longitudinal correlated and missing data showed that the odds of having high levels of fear about the baby's integrity...

  4. Joint modelling of HBV and HCV infections from cross-sectional serological data

    Orwa, James
    The aim of this project is to study the co-infection by regressing marginal association and subject heterogeneity of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) on behavioral risk factors among drug users within drug treatment centers and prisons in Belgium, using a joint modeling approach that deals with multivariate nature of the response. Using marginal(Bivariate Dale Model (BDM),Bivariate Probit Model(BPM) and Alternating Logistic Regression(ALR)) models, the association measures between HCV and HBV infections estimated at individual level (cluster) in terms of odds ratios and correlation coefficients was regressed against behavioral risk factors. Shared random-effects models that take into account...

  5. Correcting for cross-over bias in randomized controlled clinical trials

    Natukunda, Agnes
    Ideally, therapeutic interventions are evaluated through randomized clinical trials. These trials are commonly analysed with an intent-to-treat (ITT) approach, whereby patients are analyzed in their assigned treatment group regardless of actual treatment received. If an interim analysis of such trials demonstrates compelling evidence of a difference in benefit, ethical considerations often dictate that the trial be unblinded and participants be provided access to the more efficacious agent. Because interim analysis may not address longer-term outcomes of interest, important clinical questions such as overall survival benefit'the ultimate test of efficacy to many'may remain unanswered. The ensuing crossover disturbs randomization and may...

  6. Longitudinal analysis of differences in white and grey matter brain regions of APP/PS1 and wild type mice, using diffusion kurtosis imaging and diffusion tensor imaging

    Muchene, Leacky
    MRI: Univariate and joint modelling of longitudinal data obtained from APP/PS1 and Wild Type mice genotypes

  7. adaptive change-point mixed models to data on outpatient antibiotic use in Europe

    Mengesha, Tadele Worku

  8. Assessing the health related quality of life in the general population

    Malla, Lucas
    Background Health refers to an individual's mental, physical and social well-being. Every individual strives to improve his/her quality of health despite the odds like diseases that are quite often encountered in our daily life. The actual feelings such as stress, pain, anxiety experienced by an individual are used to quantify and rate quality of health. Therefore, special instruments widely used to measure quality of life include Visual Analogue Scale(VAS) and EQ5D. Objectives A survey was conducted in the general population residing in Flanders (Belgium) in order to determine and explain their HRQoL. In particular, it was of interest to identify factors that were significantly associated to...

  9. Modelling the Persistence of Trimethoprim and Sulfonamide Resistance in Escherichia coli Bacteria

    Leykun, Melkie Chernet

  10. Adjusting for crossover bias in an observational study for patients with multiple myeloma

    Kalinjuma, Aneth Vedastus

  11. spatial modeling of fish distributions

    Chirehwa, Maxwell Tawanda
    Fish abundance is thought to be related to environmental factors and interactions between species. Catches at locations close to each other may also be similar resulting in spatial autocorrelation. The aim of this report is to assess the relationship between fish abundance and environmental correlates, the relationship between distributions of different fish species and temporal trends in fish abundance. Data for whiting, haddock and cod fish species were collected under the North Sea-International Bottom Trawl Survey (NS-IBTS) from 1994 to 2005. Approximate full Bayesian inference was performed based on the Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation (INLA) approach. Predictions of fish catches...

  12. Evaluation of progression free survival as surrogate endpoint for overall survival for prostate cancer treatment

    Bigirumurame, Theophile
    In some clinical research, the endpoint of greatest relevance to inferences concerning therapeutic efficacy is frequently not practical or even feasible to measure. Sometimes the determination of the true endpoint is difficult, requiring an expensive, invasive or uncomfortable procedure. In some trials, however, the main endpoint of interest, for example death, is rare and/or takes a long period of time to reach. In such trials, there would be benefit in finding a more proximate endpoint to determine more quickly the effect of an intervention. In this report, a meta-analytic approach was used to validate progression free survival as a surrogate for...

  13. Impact Of Exposure To Prenatal Maternal Stress On Infant Cognitive Development

    Bahaga, Sisay Tanie
    Impact Of Exposure To Prenatal Maternal Stress On Infant Cognitive Development

  14. Psychometric validation of Dutch and French translations of the HSPSC questionnaire for belgian psychiaric hospitals

    Aissami, Abdou

  15. Study of the plasma levels of soluble CD14 in HIV infected patients

    Maes, Nathalie
    Recent studies showed that sCD14 levels are higher in HIV infected persons and some favored the use of sCD14 level to predict disease progression and mortality.In this report, we study the relationship between sCD14 and other markers in the light of causality issues and we study the profile of patients with high sCD14 level.Therefore, we use a cross-sectional dataset of 443 chronic HIV-infected patients treated at the University Hospital of Liege in 2011 and 2012.Structural equation models are used in order to study the complex interrelations between sCD14 levels and other biological, clinical and treatment's information.We show the influence of...

  16. Statistical Methodology for HIV Serodiscordance among Couples: The case of Mozambique

    Juga, Adelino Jose C
    Even though several promising global efforts have been made in increasing effective treatment and prevention programs, the number of people living with HIV is still high. Across countries including Mozambique, a substantial proportion of couples with HIV is discordant. Hence the HIV prevalence of serodiscordance among heterosexual couples, who are often in stable partnerships but unaware of both partner's serostatus is high. In this study risk factors associated with serodiscordance among couples in Mozambique was investigated. Cross-sectional data based on a national-representative sample in Mozambique was used. Several statistical models such as ALR and GLMM, BCL and GLMM, ALR, BDM,...

  17. Dose response assessment in a behavior learning curve experiment

    Janssen, Sarah
    A new animal model of diseases affecting cognitive functioning is set up. A pharmacological deficit is induced by the administration of compound X. A good understanding of the effect of compound X on cognitive functioning is therefore crucial.Two dose response studies with compound X were pooled and a meta-analysis was performed. Longitudinal data was available on the proportion of correctly executed trails from an animal behavior experiment from 96 male wistar rats during a period of 14 days. The aim of the report is to study and quantify the dose effect of compound X on learning behavior. First, the complete...

  18. The application of Gatekeeping strategies in dose-response clinical trials with multiple endpoints.

    Hu, Guohui
    Gatekeeping strategies are methods which deal with the analysis of the hierarchically ordered multiple objectives. The methods control the study-wise error rate in the strong sense. The objective of this report is to apply the Dunnett-Bonferroni-based parallel and other gatekeeping procedures in a clinical trial with ordered endpoints and multiples doses for Type II diabetes patients. The original hierarchical testing strategy does not take into account multiplicity in the family of the secondary endpoint. The efficacy of the experimental drug will be evaluated using the primary endpoint: the mean change from baseline in glycohaemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) and the first secondary endpoint: fasting...

  19. Factors Affecting the Intubation Conditions Created by Mivacurium. A Meta-analysis and Meta-regression analysis.

    Hadush Mesfin, Samson
    Intubation is the process of inserting a flexible tube anywhere in the human body. It is used in emergency medecine to help when a patient have difficulty in breathing, and to keep the airway open for delivery of anesthetic drugs and oxygen during surgery. Mivacurium is a non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocker used to facilitate intubation. The objective of the paper is to identify the factors that affect the probability of excellent intubation condition of Mivacurium (EIC). A total of 1029 patients from 51 randomized and controlled clinical trials were studied using meta-analysis methods. Classical and Bayesian approaches were used. In meta-analysis...

  20. Longitudinal data analysis of data on outpatient antibiotic use in Europe

    Bruyndonckx, Robin
    Antibiotics are drugs used to treat bacterial infections. The use and misuse of antibiotics has over time lead to resistance of bacteria to several antibiotics. As a start to face this problem trustworthy information related to antibiotics consumption needs to be gathered. In this study the IMS Health data, expressed in both DID and PID and measured from 2000 until 2008, were used to analyze the global trend and seasonal fluctuations in antibiotic consumption. Nonlinear mixed models were constructed assessing both the change of antibiotic consumption over time and the change in seasonal fluctuation. To assess whether both models were in agreement a joint...

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