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Repository of the University of Hasselt containing publications in the fields of statistics, computer science, information strategies and material from the Institute for behavioural sciences.

Dept. Chemistry-Biology-Geology (SBG) - Organic and Polymer Chemistry

Mostrando recursos 161 - 180 de 455

161. Kwantificering van de accuratesse in evenwichtsberekeningen: Monte Carlo studie van de foutenpropagatie bij de potentiometrische bepaling van stabiliteitsconstanten - GUEDENS, Wanda

162. Combined quantitative NMR imaging and relaxometry on polymer materials:a fundamental study of rubbers and water uptake in polyamide 46 - POLLARIS, Anne

163. The polymerisation behaviour of p-quinodimethane systems: verification of radical and anionic mechanisms in the Sulfinyl and the Gilch route - HONTIS, Lieve

164. Highly sensitive spectroscopic study of sub-bandgap absorption phenomena in organic thin film solar cells - GORIS, Ludwig

165. Synthesis, characterisation and application in electronic devices of low band gap materials based on thiophene derivatives - HENCKENS, Anja

166. Phenol-formaldehyde resins: a quantitaive NMR study of molecular structure and molecular dynamics - OTTENBOURGS, Benjamin

167. Non-alternant cyclo-penta fused polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Efficient structural elements to achieve n-type characteristics in conjugated polymers - PALMAERTS, Arne

168. Plasma deposition of conjugated polymers at atmospheric pressure - DAMS, Roel

169. Physico-chemical, electrical and optical properties of regiorandom and regioregular MDMO-PPV - MUNTERS, Tom

170. Development of a molecular spaceframe. Study towards the synthesis of molecular building blocks for this new material concept. - VAN DIJK, Joachim

171. Identification and quantification of structural defects in 13C- and 2H-labeled Gilch and sulphinyl MDMO-PPV - A correlation between chemical structure and molecular dynamics and ordering by modern NMR spectroscopy - ROEX, Hilde

172. Electrical Characterisation of 2,5-Substituted Poly (p-Phenylene Vinylene) Derivates and their Application in Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells - BRESELGE, Martin

173. Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Functionalized Poly (p-Phenylene Vinylene) derivates: From Existing Structures to Novel Materials - VAN SEVEREN, Ineke

174. Synthesis and Characterisation of Polar PPV Derivatives through the Sulfinyl Precursor Route - MOTMANS, Filip

175. Study of the Dithiocarbamate Route as a viable synthetic route towards Poly(Thienylene Vinylene) Derivatives - BANISHOEIB, Fateme

176. Spectroscopy, electrochemistry and spectro-electrochemistry of PPV and PTV derivates; the effect of backbone structure and side chain polarity on the optoelectronic properties of conjugated polymers - FOURIER, Sofie

177. New poly(arylene vinylene) derivatives via the sulphinyl precursor route - GILLISSEN, Stijn

178. Looking at molecular multidomain behaviour of polymer systems through NMR-relaxometry - STORME, Liesbet

179. Poly(1,3-dithienylisothianaphtene) derivates. Synthesis, characterisation and possible applications of a new class of low bandgap materials - VANGENEUGDEN, Dirk

180. Studie van de relatie tussen de moleculaire structuur en de elektrische mobiliteit van poly(aryleen vinyleer)derivaten - BREBAN, Lien


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