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  1. The effect of the North-East Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS) on the Greenland ice sheet in changing climates

    Otsu, Shoko
    The North-East Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS) was discovered as a large fast-flow feature in north-east Greenland by synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaginary of the ERS-1 satellite. In this study, the NEGIS is implemented in the ice-sheet model SICOPOLIS (Simulation Code for POLythermal Ice Sheets), which simulates the large-scale dynamics and thermodynamics of an ice sheet three-dimensionally and over time. In the first part of my study, paleoclimatic simulations are carried out. We simulate the evolution of the ice sheet on a 20-km grid for the period from 250 ka BP until today. Spin-up simulations are from 422 ka BP until...
    (80p.) - 09-feb-2018

  2. Heinrich Event Intercomparison with the ice-sheet model SICOPOLIS

    Takahama, Ryoji
    Heinrich events (HEs) are large scale surges of the Laurentide Ice Sheet (LIS) over Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait. These surges are thought to be triggered by the internal dynamics of the ice sheet. Therefore it is important to investigate HEs in order to estimate the effect on climate variability. It will be tested whether the 3D ice sheet model SICOPOLIS is able to simulate such large scale surges, and what is their sensitivity to change in surface and basal boundary conditions. The model domain is a flat horizontal square. The ice sheet is built up from zero ice thickness...
    (63p.) - 09-feb-2018

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