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  1. Peabody picture vocabulary test - Revised data : a Bayesian approach to item response theory

    Arima, Serena
    Background: Item Response Theory is the area of psychometry that deals with the problem of constructing and analyzing psychological and sociological tests. By applying a fully Bayesian approach to this methodology, we analyze a data set obtained administering the Italian translation of the well-known Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - Revised (PPVT-R) to a sample of Italian children. In the original English version the items are believed to be in increasing difficulty order. One main aim of this thesis is to evaluate if and how much the translation leads to violations of the increasing difficulty ordering. This aspect is important since,...
    (43) - 23-oct-2012

  2. The effect of physical training on maintenance and recovery of the functional muscular strength in rats injected with EAE

    The aim of this report was to study the effect of physical training on maintenance and recovery of the functional muscular strength in rats injected with Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis. For this effect 25 rats from different mothers and of the same gender were randomly selected. The 25 rats were again randomly assigned to two treatments groups. One group treated with EAE (13 rats) and the rest assigned to the control group (12 rats). Each treatment group was subdivided into two: swimmers and non swimmers. The data revealed a longitudinal set up that is repeated measures were performed on each rat over time (25 days) and to have an...
    (385769 bytes; application/pdf; 35) - 05-dic-2007

  3. Objective classification of gait patterns in children with cerebral palsy

    AZUPARDO, Mervic
    “Cerebral” is defined as pertaining to the brain, cerebrum or intellect, and “Palsy” refers to paralysis of muscle or group of muscles. Jointly, Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the term used to describe a group of conditions with motor impairments resulting from brain damage during the early stages of development. Cerebral palsy is non progressive and is usually not diagnosed until a child is about 2 to 3 years of age. About 2 to 3 children in 1,000 over the age of three have cerebral palsy. This is because of the plasticity of a child's central nervous system, or its ability to recover completely or partially after...
    (42) - 30-nov-2007

  4. The EM-algorithm for modeling Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) data

    AMPE, Michèle
    Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE), a technique that has been developed at Johns Hopkins University in the USA, allows the analysis of overall gene expression patterns. It is an open platform because SAGE does not require a preexisting clone, unlike microarrays. So SAGE can be used for the identification and quantification of known genes as well as new genes. A SAGE experiment, from a statistical points of view, consists of the following 7 steps: 1. Extract a sample of mRNA fragments from a biological sample. 2. Convert the mRNA fragment into cDNA clones. 3. Generate tags by cutting 10 or 17 base long...
    (63) - 05-dic-2007

  5. Determination of effective concentration 50% (EC50): case of uranium toxicity on carrot root grown in vitro cropping device

    RENOLAYAN, Nanette
    Uranium is a naturally existing heavy metal found in low levels in rocks, soil and water. In soil, the normal concentration of Uranium is 300 ?g Kg-1 to 11.7 mg Kg-1 (Wikipedia 2006). In exceptional situations, Uranium concentrations in soils can reach tens to hundreds of milligrams per kg of soil, mostly because of mining and milling ores activities (Plant et al. 1999). High Uranium concentrations in soil can be toxic and therefore poses danger to the living organisms. Because of the undesirable effects of chemicals in soil, the evaluation of their toxicity becomes paramount. Toxicological tests are conducted, for instance by measuring the decrease...
    (34) - 30-nov-2007

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