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Volume 104, Issue 4 (September, 2004)

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  1. Paleomagnetic Determination of the Age of the Serpent Mound Structure

    Watts, D. R.
    Author Institution: Dept of Geological Sciences, Wright State University

  2. Economic Performance of Ohio’s 88 Counties

    Janson, Richard W.; Krishna, Lala B.; Steiner, Richard P.
    Author Institution: Janson Industries, Canton, OH; Dept of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics; Dept of Statistics, University of Akron

  3. Ultrastructure of the Chorion of Echthistus cognatus (Loew, 1849) (Diptera, Asilidae)

    Candan, Selami; Suludere, Zekiye; Kalender, Yusuf; Eryilmaz, Ozlem
    Author Institution: Dept of Biology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Gaza University, Ankara, Turkey

  4. Gastropods and Rostroconchs (Mollusca) from the Maxville Limestone (Upper Mississippian) in Ohio

    Hoare, Richard D.
    Author Institution: Dept of Geology, Bowling Green State University

  5. Description of Vegetation of the Oak Openings of Northwestern Ohio at the Time of Euro-American Settlement

    Brewer, Lawrence G.; Vankat, John L.
    Author Institution: Dept of Botany, Miami University

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