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  1. Echoes in the Ice: Exploration and Science in Antarctica

    This publication was produced to accompany an exhibit at the Phillip Sills Exhibit Hall, The Ohio State University Libraries, 15 September -15 December 2000. The exhibit featured work by artist Rik van Glintenkamp and the cases in the gallery contain documents and artifacts from OSU's polar collections, as well as documentation of OSU's connection with Antarctica.

  2. Women's Roles in Polar Regions: Past, Present, and Future

    Byrd Polar Research Center
    Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State University

  3. Sailors, Scientists, and Statesmen: The IGY in Antarctica

    Belanger, Dian

  4. Antarctic Weather Forecasting: From IGY to IPy

    Bromwich, David H
    History of Antarctic Weather Observation: IGY-IPY Weather Observations: 1911 vs. Today The IGY: Manned Weather Stations The IPY: Automatic Weather Stations The IPY: COSMIC (more on COSMIC later) Antarctic Forecasting Challenges

  5. Traversing the Magnetosphere

    Malville, Kim
    Pre-1958 Theories of the Aurora before 1958 Van Allen Belt and Solar Wind 1958 High Red Rays

  6. Toward an Integrated Arctic Observing Network

    Lyons, Berry
    A report focusing on guidance to help design an international arctic land, atmosphere, and ocean observing network.

  7. The First Fifty Years of the Antartic Treaty

    Berkman, Paul A.
    Microsoft Powerpoint

  8. Deep Freeze Some Thoughts 50 Years Later

    Bowers, Richard

  9. IGY and IPY: Studying the Ice Sheet Then and Now

    Bentley, Charles R.
    Requires RealPlayer to listen

  10. Wintering at Byrd Station

    Brecher, Henry H.
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  11. Recollections of a Graduate Student in IGY

    Behrendt, John C., 1932-
    Requires RealPlayer to listen

  12. American Polar Society

    Smith, Philip M.
    Introduction(00:00:00-00:05:29) -- Presentation(00:05:30-00:59:47)

  13. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

    Kennicutt, Mahlon C.
    Introduction (00:00:00-00:04:50) -- Presentation(00:04:51-00:54:46)

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