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  1. Regaining Dr Herman Haeberlin: Early Anthropology and Museology in Puget Sound, 1916-17

    Miller, Jay, 1947-
    This booklet is arranged into four sections. The first tells the life and work of Herman K. Haeberlin. The second presents notebooks (#13, #32) documenting his entire artifact collection, through gift and purchase, from locals. The third presents his letters, sometimes with responses, in English. For the other 42 notebooks, appendices have been provided at the end of each section. The fourth section, brings together an overview of Lushoosteed research, lists Lushootseed researchers, amd begins to locate their papers, and ends with background references and bibliography.
    (1200397 bytes; 725537 bytes; application/pdf; application/pdf) - 23-abr-2014

  2. Keresan Pueblos and Chaco Canyon

    Miller, Jay, 1947-
    Speculations on language identity, Puebloan cultures and Southwestern prehistory.
    (1205021 bytes; 652724 bytes; application/pdf; application/pdf) - 23-abr-2014

  3. Wyandotte Chiefs

    Busar, C. A.
    List of Wyandotte Indian Chiefs, 1535-present.
    (187063 bytes; 5453549 bytes; application/pdf; application/pdf) - 23-abr-2014

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