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1563 Edition Selected Woodcuts

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  1. The burning of Sir John Oldcastle in 1417

    Oldcastle, suspended by chains from gallows over a burning pyre, tended by executioners; a large crowd including soldiers, priests and monks, civilians encircling the scene; (lower L) a supervisor leading his horse (lower R) civilians standing outside a wattle fence .\\ Horse, Throng, Friar\\ Politics re: Oldcastle? cf. Falstaff

  2. The burning of Jerome of Prague in 1416

    The martyr, full beard, chained naked to the stake, standing among bundles of faggots, workers prodding the pyre; (R) two supervising soldiers on horseback; (L) frowning spectators, one in front with long beard.\ Horses, Throng, Naked martyr (but parts concealed, unlike RC codpieces)

  3. The burning of John Hus in 1415.

  4. A martyr (O Lord receiue my spirite.) enveloped in flames.

  5. The martyrdom of Nicholas Burton.

  6. The burning of Rose Allin's hands, by Edmund Tyrrell, as she was going to fetch drink for her mother, lying sick in her bed (caption modernized)

    (C) Outside a house, a young woman holding a pitcher in her left hand while her right hand is burnt by a man standing beside her; (R) two soldiers watching; (L) inside a room, a woman lying in bed, a man kneeling beside her; (inset, upper R) martyrs burning at the stake. \\ Woman, Burning Hand (mirrors martyrdom outside), Bad Candle\\ Text

  7. Bonner scourging his prisoner in his orchard at Fulham

    (C) ""Bono"" using two scourges on the prisoner kneeling naked and dripping blood, his head between the knees of an aide holding his hands before his eyes; (R) two priests (L) two aides entering, one holding a flail.\\ Bonner, Cleric\Cut 51: When Edmund Bonner, the Marian bishop of London, was shown the image he is reported to have said: ""A vengeance on the fool! How could he get my picture drawn so right?""

  8. The torture of Cuthbert Simpson

    A composite scene with two vignettes: (C) (""Cutbert Simson upon the racke"") that is operated by two workmen, observed (above) by two standing courtiers and a priest; (L) ""The gratynge of an arrow throughe Cutbert Symsons fyngers""; a torturer putting an arrow through Simpson's fingers; (R insert) ""The description how Cutbert Symson stoode in an engyne of yron three houres within the Tower commonlye called Sceuyng tons gyues."" Simpson, handcuffed, standing with an iron collar, poles descending to the ground. \\ Tower Cell, Inset tortures

  9. Two martyrs (Simon Myller. Elizabeth Cooper."" in a scroll) chained back to back to one stake, standing enveloped in flames.""

  10. Protestants brought from Colchester.

  11. The burning of three women and an infant at Garnesey (Guernsey?)

    The women, chained to the stake, standing among flames with hands upraised, an infant emerging from the open belly of the central martyr; (L) a friar directing a workman tending the pyre. Perrotine Massey.\\ Burning Baby, Friar, Text: 1945.1b

  12. The burning of thirteen martyrs at Stratford at Bow

    (C) Eleven martyrs chained to three stakes and two women, untied, all standing among bundles of faggots, some with hands raised in prayer, some with hands outstretched to an unruly horrified crowd; (upper L and R) spectators, watching behind a wall. \\ Feckenham (1915.1c), Erasmian lowborn, Women Untied (1915.b), Horse, Multiplicity

  13. John Badby boiled in a barrel.

  14. The arrest of Thomas Cranmer during Cole's sermon in St. Mary's church

    (R) standing in the pulpit (""D. Cole""); (C) (""Cranmer""), with long beard, pulled from a platform by friars and others\\ Friars, Church, Pulpit\ text: pulled down when he confesses he dissembled

  15. The burning of Cranmer in 1556

    (L) Before the city gate, the martyr, with long beard, (""L. Receiue my spirit"") tied to the stake standing among flames, thrusts his left hand into the fire; ""Frier John"" standing before him directing a workman attending the pyre; (R) three noblemen seated before a crowd of civilians and soldiers.\\ Burning Hand, Friar John\ ""That all men might see his hand burned before his body was touched"" (1888.1c); ""repeated his unworthy hand""

  16. The burning of seven martyrs at Smithfield

    Women and men standing among stacks of faggots arranged by workmen around three stakes, the central man chained to stake; supervised on either side by a man on horseback; spectators. \\ Horses, Women, Multiplicity\ Whittle & Bartlett Greene are the big fish, but others (listed by number in text) are equally important and include Women: Erasmian; Priesthood of all believers

  17. The martyrdom of Master John Philpot, Archdeacon of Winchester and protaga of Ponet

    (C) ""Filpot"" (xylographic), with long beard, kneeling before bundles of faggots, praying (""I will pay my vowes in thee, O Smithfield"" [p. 1830.2b]) watched by a friars and priests, soldiers and sympathizers including (back L and R) men with hands clasped in prayer.\\ Friars

  18. Thomas Whitehall found in the stocks by Master Philpot in Lollards' Tower

    (L) Whitehall, with long beard, in the stocks hanging by a collar from a hook, with two others; (R) a priest in a fur-trimmed robe with a dog.\\ Cell, Priest, Book

  19. The burial of a prisoner.

  20. The martyrdom of Archbishop Latimer and Bishop Ridley while Smith preaches

    (upper R) ""Smith"" preaching from a pulpit (""Si corpus meum tradam igni caritatem autem non habeam nihil vtilitatis &c.""); (C) chained back to back to the stake, standing among bundles of faggots tended by a workman directed by a supervisor (L) ""Latimer"" (""Father of heauven receue my soule"") hands raised, watched by soldiers and by civilians who are restrained by soldiers and (R) ""Ridley"" (""In man'tuas domine"") addressing a priest, watched by three men sitting in front of him, one reading a scroll (""M.Ridley I will remember your suite.""), another identified as ""L. Willing."" (upper R) outside of the circle...

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