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Faith-Based Programming, Reentry and Recidivism

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  1. Ohio Correctional Faith Based Initiatives Task Force

    Collins, Terry; White, John
    The Ohio Correctional Faith Based Initiatives Task Force was created with the enactment of Amended Substitute of House Bill 66. The culmination of their deliberations resulted in several recommendations as to how the faith-based and community can assist correctional agencies.

  2. Legal Issues

    Trout, Greg; Berman, Douglas; Goldberger, David; Mancini, Joseph; Stout, Austin
    When religious programming is incorporated into the prison environment, constitutional issues are raised. The panel of experts includes attorneys with experience representing faith groups and civil liberties organizations. The panelists share their respective positions on the issues to illuminate the concerns and inform the audience about the matters that must be kept in balance.

  3. Faith and Community Forums

    Roeger, Debbie; Sims, Gary; Teague, Shannon
    Presenters discuss what is happening with the community forums and our volunteers within DRC and DYS in the areas of Community Service, the Adult Parole Authority, and religious services, as well as provide insight on what it’s like for persons who are dually staff and volunteers.

  4. The Essential Role of Private Voluntary Groups in Rehabilitating Offenders

    McFarland, Steven T.
    America spends $40 billion annually on warehousing prisoners, yet two-thirds of them return to prison. Clearly a new model and new partners are desperately needed. Director McFarland addresses how faith-based and community organizations (FBCO) can partner legally with state corrections? What are the most promising practices defining the role of FBCOs in providing both pre-release programming and post-release reentry services? Vouchers empower ex-offenders to choose among services to help them get a job, housing, drug treatment, and other essential services—all safely within the bounds of the First Amendment. Before release, FBCOs can assist with voluntary faith- or character-based units that...

  5. Thinking About the Role of Religion in Crime Prevention, Prisoner Reentry and Aftercare

    Johnson, Byron
    In this paper Dr. Johnson begins by systematically reviewing the religion-crime research literature in order to determine if and how measures of religiosity are associated with measures of crime or delinquency. Consistent with previous reviews and meta analyses on this subject, the results of the current systematic review confirm that increasing levels of religiosity tend to be inversely related to both measures of crime and delinquency. Dr. Johnson offers a number of reasons why one should not be surprised to discover that religion might both prevent and protect from crime as well as foster prosocial behavior. Turning to corrections, Dr....

  6. Does Religion Have a Role in Crime Prevention, Pro-Social Behavior, Prisoner Reentry and Aftercare?

    Johnson, Byron; Price-Spratlen, Townsand; Money, Christine
    For this presentation, Dr. Byron Johnson reviews the religion-crime research literature; offer reasons why we should not be surprised to discover that religion might both prevent and protect as well as foster pro-social behavior; discuss the historical role of religion in offender treatment and rehabilitation; examine what we know from recent research about the efficacy of faith-based prison programs in reducing recidivism; offer insights to the shortcomings and shortsightedness of faith-based approaches in corrections as well as the hostility and opposition leveled against faith-based organizations and individuals. Dr. Johnson concludes the presentation with a discussion of the uniquely catalytic role...

  7. Schedule of Events: Faith-Based Programming, Reentry and Recidivism Symposium

    Pettway, Coretta
    Includes session times and presenters, as well as a brief description of sessions and presenter biographies.

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