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  1. The 12-15 May 1975 Mayaguez Incident: A Reappraisal

    Landreth, Major Kent; Lengel, Major Ed; Rambo, Major Chuck; Rodriguez, Major Shelly
    On 12 May 1975, the SS Mayaguez , an American-flagged container ship transiting the Gulf of Siam, was seized by forces of the Cambodian Khymer Rouge navy and the forty-man crew taken captive. Acting in response to orders from Commander-in- Chief Gerald Ford, US military forces were committed to recover the ship and crew and to engage in retaliatory bombing of targets on the Cambodian mainland. The result was the first helicopter assault operation in Air Force history, as USAF Special Operations and Combat Rescue H-53s inserted a reinforced rifle company of Marines on to Koh Tang, the small island where the Mayaguez 's crew was erroneously believed to be...

  2. Afghan Women Leaders Speak

    Mills, Margaret; Kitch, Sally
    The conference, entitled “Afghan Women Leaders Speak: Conflict Mitigation and Social Reconstruction,” brings together a substantial representation of Afghan women leaders with U.S.-based scholars and students who share expertise and interests relevant to the experiences of women working for social change in Afghanistan.

  3. Post-Soviet In/Securities: Theory and Practice

    Hopf, Ted
    Scholars from the United States , Canada , Ukraine , and Russia will gather to present papers on a broad range of topics. These include the development of civil society in the post-Soviet space; Russia 's electoral politics and political economy; ethnonational politics in Muslim regions of the former Soviet Union ; relations between Russia , Ukraine , and Europe ;and Russia and globalization.

  4. New Systems Theories of World Politics

    Wendt, Alexander; Albert, Mathias; Cederman, Lars-Erik
    The New Systems Theories of World Politics conference brings together scholars who rarely collaborate but all work on system-level political phenomena. It is designed to address 5 questions: 1) How do you define “systems” theory, and what do you see as its relationship to micro- or unit-level theorizing? 2) What are the principal contributions, both theoretical and critical, of your preferred approach to systems theory? 3) What are the principal limitations and/or horizons, if any, of your approach? 4) What do you see as the relationship between your approach to systems theory and other approaches? and 5) Where should systems...

  5. Ostpolitik, 1969-1974: The European and Global Response

    Fink, Carole
    Ostpolitik refers to the principle of change through rapprochement. German for “Eastern politics,” the term originated with West German Chancellor Willy Brandt's efforts to normalize relations with East Germany and other East European states in the 1970s. Ostpolitik has influenced world politics; for example, South Korea's “Sunshine Policy” toward North Korea takes a similar approach. This conference looks at how Ostpolitik has influenced international relations in Europe and around the world, including a consideration of the nuclear issue.

  6. Public Diplomacy as a Global Phenomenon

    Stephan, Alexander; Brown, John
    The Public Diplomacy as a Global Phenomenon Conference took place at the Mershon Center on Friday, 28 April, 2006. The conference was organized by Alexander Stephan (Ohio State University) and John Brown (Georgetown University and the University of Southern California). The Conference included twelve presentations – organized into three sessions – and a luncheon lecture. Each of the three sessions covered a different aspect of the study of public diplomacy.

  7. Listening to the World: New Ideas for Resolving Identity-Based Conflict

    Hardin Rogers, Nancy
    In the United States, we turn to courts, administrative agencies, and the political process to resolve social problems. However, significant conflicts related to race, ethnicity, religion, and class often remain unaddressed. This symposium will bring together interdisciplinary scholars from around the world to generate new ideas for building U.S. institutions that are responsive to such conflict. The symposium will use social problems implicated by police-community relations as a case example to refine and expand our understanding of the possibilities of dispute system design.

  8. Realism and Constructivism: From Debate to Dialogue

    Wendt, Alexander; Jackson, Patrick; Nexon, Daniel
    Conference on Realist and Constructivist International Relations theory held at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies.

  9. The Wartime Election of 2004

    Weisberg, Herbert
    Scholars from around the country convened on the Mershon Center to discuss the “War on Terror” and the US presidential election of 2004 that took place amidst the “war on terror.” What made this election so unique is the high level of polarization that existed among the US electorate and the unusual circumstances of war and partisan conflict that accompanied it.

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