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  1. Study of Synergy between Plastic Deformation Mechanisms, Tribo-oxidation And Mechanically Mixed Layers in Tribology Of Ti-6Al-4V Slid Against SS316L And Alumina

    Ashok Raj, J
    Alloys of titanium are highly preferred materials for their excellent strength to weight ratio but the tribological issues while using them has been posing challenging issues for the tribological analyst, which are still areas of active research. Ti-6Al-4V (Ti64) is the most popular alloy of titanium and our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of wear and friction of this alloy is still not complete. Previous investigations related to the tribology of these alloys have suggested a synergistic effect of plastic deformation and tribo-oxidation. The present investigation described in this thesis explores the existence of one more mode, namely the formation...
    - 12-oct-2017

  2. Towards Automated Design of Toggle Switch Mechanisms

    Kalyan Ramana, G
    This work deals with addressing the issues related to design of double toggle switch mechanisms with emphasis on structural, dimensional and dynamic aspects. Currently, almost all the issues related to electrical switches are dealt from electromagnetic point of view; the operating mechanism is hardly touched. It is observed that kinematic parameters influence electrical performance of switch significantly. Therefore, there is a need to develop methodologies for supporting exploration of diverse kinematic chains (KCs) for this purpose. Visual inspection is tedious and error prone even when a complete list of design criteria is available, hence, the work presented in the thesis...
    - 21-sep-2017

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