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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).


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1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Patients with Congenital Long QT Syndrome: Implications for Increased Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death - Shamsuzzaman, Abu S.; Somers, Virend K.; Knilans, Timothy K.; Ackerman, Michael J.; Wang, Yu; Amin, Raouf S.

2. An Economic Evaluation of Home Versus Laboratory-Based Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Kim, Richard D.; Kapur, Vishesh K.; Redline-Bruch, Julie; Rueschman, Michael; Auckley, Dennis H.; Benca, Ruth M.; Foldvary-Schafer, Nancy R.; Iber, Conrad; Zee, Phyllis C.; Rosen, Carol L.; Redline, Susan; Ramsey, Scott D.

3. Analog Flashbacks - Pace-Schott, Edward F.

4. Sleep Quality Among Low-Income Young Women in Southeast Texas Predicts Changes in Perceived Stress Through Hurricane Ike - Wu, Zhao Helen; Stevens, Richard G.; Tennen, Howard; North, Carol S.; Grady, James J.; Holzer, Charles

5. The Multidimensional Aspects of Sleep Spindles and Their Relationship to Word-Pair Memory Consolidation - Lustenberger, Caroline; Wehrle, Flavia; Tüshaus, Laura; Achermann, Peter; Huber, Reto

6. Comparing Treatment Effect Measurements in Narcolepsy: The Sustained Attention to Response Task, Epworth Sleepiness Scale and Maintenance of Wakefulness Test - van der Heide, Astrid; van Schie, Mojca K.M.; Lammers, Gert Jan; Dauvilliers, Yves; Arnulf, Isabelle; Mayer, Geert; Bassetti, Claudio L.; Ding, Claire-Li; Lehert, Philippe; van Dijk, J. Gert

7. Regulation of Sleep by Insulin-like Peptide System in Drosophila melanogaster - Cong, Xiaona; Wang, Haili; Liu, Zhenxing; He, Chunxia; An, Chunju; Zhao, Zhangwu

8. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Impairs Postexercise Sympathovagal Balance in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome - Cepeda, Felipe X.; Toschi-Dias, Edgar; Maki-Nunes, Cristiane; Rondon, Maria Urbana P.B.; Alves, Maria Janieire N.N.; Braga, Ana Maria F.W.; Martinez, Daniel G.; Drager, Luciano F.; Lorenzi-Filho, Geraldo; Negrao, Carlos E.; Trombetta, Ivani C.

9. Sleep Deprivation, Stimulant Medications, and Cognition - Van Dongen, Hans P.A.

10. Psychological Effect of an Analogue Traumatic Event Reduced by Sleep Deprivation - Porcheret, Kate; Holmes, Emily A.; Goodwin, Guy M.; Foster, Russell G.; Wulff, Katharina

11. Reciprocal Associations between Job Strain and Disturbed Sleep—Opportunities for Sleep Health - Hall, Martica H.

12. Work and Sleep—A Prospective Study of Psychosocial Work Factors, Physical Work Factors, and Work Scheduling - Åkerstedt, Torbjörn; Garefelt, Johanna; Richter, Anne; Westerlund, Hugo; Magnusson Hanson, Linda L.; Sverke, Magnus; Kecklund, Göran

13. The Use of Benzodiazepine Receptor Agonists and Risk of Respiratory Failure in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Nationwide Population-Based Case-Control Study - Chen, Su-Jung; Yeh, Chiu-Mei; Chao, Tze-Fan; Liu, Chia-Jen; Wang, Kang-Ling; Chen, Tzeng-Ji; Chou, Pesus; Wang, Fu-Der

14. Increased Carbonic Anhydrase Activity is Associated with Sleep Apnea Severity and Related Hypoxemia - Wang, Tengyu; Eskandari, Davoud; Zou, Ding; Grote, Ludger; Hedner, Jan

15. Correlates and Escitalopram Treatment Effects on Sleep Disturbance in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: K-DEPACS and EsDEPACS - Kim, Jae-Min; Stewart, Robert; Bae, Kyung-Yeol; Kang, Hee-Ju; Kim, Sung-Wan; Shin, Il-Seon; Hong, Young Joon; Ahn, Youngkeun; Jeong, Myung Ho; Yoon, Jin-Sang

16. Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Associated with a Restless Legs Syndrome Diagnosis in a Retrospective Cohort Study from Kaiser Permanente Northern California - Van Den Eeden, Stephen K.; Albers, Kathleen B.; Davidson, Julie E.; Kushida, Clete A.; Leimpeter, Amethyst D.; Nelson, Lorene M.; Popat, Rita; Tanner, Caroline M.; Bibeau, Kristen; Quesenberry, Charles P.

17. Doctor Shopping Behavior for Zolpidem Among Insomnia Patients in Taiwan: A Nationwide Population-Based Study - Lu, Tzu-Hsuan; Lee, Yen-Ying; Lee, Hsin-Chien; Lin, You-Meei

18. Mend the Mind and Mind the “MCC” - Parthasarathy, Sairam; Shetty, Safal; Combs, Daniel

19. Sleep Apnea and Cardiac Arrhythmia: A Timely Wake-Up Call! - Pathak, Rajeev K.; Mahajan, Rajiv; Lau, Dennis H.; Sanders, Prashanthan

20. Associations of Sleep Apnea, NRG1 Polymorphisms, Alcohol Consumption, and Cerebral White Matter Hyperintensities: Analysis with Genome-Wide Association Data - Baik, Inkyung; Seo, Hyung Suk; Yoon, Daewui; Kim, Seong Hwan; Shin, Chol

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