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Archive of life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the National Library of Medicine (NLM).


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1. Brown Norway and Zucker Lean Rats Demonstrate Circadian Variation in Ventilation and Sleep Apnea - Fink, Anne M.; Topchiy, Irina; Ragozzino, Michael; Amodeo, Dionisio A.; Waxman, Jonathan A.; Radulovacki, Miodrag G.; Carley, David W.

2. Rapid Tolerance Development to the NREM Sleep Promoting Effect of Alcohol - Sharma, Rishi; Sahota, Pradeep; Thakkar, Mahesh M.

3. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Increases Pulsatile Growth Hormone Secretion and Circulating Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 in a Time-Dependent Manner in Men With Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Randomized Sham-Controlled Study - Hoyos, Camilla M.; Killick, Roo; Keenan, Daniel M.; Baxter, Robert C.; Veldhuis, Johannes D.; Liu, Peter Y.

4. Pregabalin Versus Pramipexole: Effects on Sleep Disturbance in Restless Legs Syndrome - Garcia-Borreguero, Diego; Patrick, Jeffrey; DuBrava, Sarah; Becker, Philip M.; Lankford, Alan; Chen, Crystal; Miceli, Jeffrey; Knapp, Lloyd; Allen, Richard P.

5. Associations of Objectively and Subjectively Measured Sleep Quality with Subsequent Cognitive Decline in Older Community-Dwelling Men: The MrOS Sleep Study - Blackwell, Terri; Yaffe, Kristine; Laffan, Alison; Ancoli-Israel, Sonia; Redline, Susan; Ensrud, Kristine E.; Song, Yeonsu; Stone, Katie L.

6. Retrospective Population Cohort Study on Hip Fracture Risk Associated with Zolpidem Medication - Lin, Fang-Yu; Chen, Pei-Chun; Liao, Chun Hui; Hsieh, Yow-Wen; Sung, Fung-Chang

7. Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Insomnia in Older Adults: Does Nocturia Matter? - Tyagi, Shachi; Resnick, Neil M.; Perera, Subashan; Monk, Timothy H.; Hall, Martica H.; Buysse, Daniel J.

8. Recovery of Neurological Function Despite Immediate Sleep Disruption Following Diffuse Brain Injury in the Mouse: Clinical Relevance to Medically Untreated Concussion - Rowe, Rachel K.; Harrison, Jordan L.; O'Hara, Bruce F.; Lifshitz, Jonathan

9. Ecology and Neurophysiology of Sleep in Two Wild Sloth Species - Voirin, Bryson; Scriba, Madeleine F.; Martinez-Gonzalez, Dolores; Vyssotski, Alexei L.; Wikelski, Martin; Rattenborg, Niels C.

10. Abnormal Myelin and Axonal Integrity in Recently Diagnosed Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Kumar, Rajesh; Pham, Tiffany T.; Macey, Paul M.; Woo, Mary A.; Yan-Go, Frisca L.; Harper, Ronald M.

11. Relationship between Arousal Intensity and Heart Rate Response to Arousal - Azarbarzin, Ali; Ostrowski, Michele; Hanly, Patrick; Younes, Magdy

12. Altered Emotion Perception in Insomnia Disorder - Kyle, Simon D.; Beattie, Louise; Spiegelhalder, Kai; Rogers, Zoe; Espie, Colin A.

13. Cataloging Nocturia (Circa 2014) - Bliwise, Donald L.

14. Trazodone Increases the Respiratory Arousal Threshold in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and a Low Arousal Threshold - Eckert, Danny J.; Malhotra, Atul; Wellman, Andrew; White, David P.

15. Glucose and Fat Metabolism in Narcolepsy and the Effect of Sodium Oxybate: A Hyperinsulinemic-Euglycemic Clamp Study - Donjacour, Claire E. H. M.; Aziz, N. Ahmad; Overeem, Sebastiaan; Kalsbeek, Andries; Pijl, Hanno; Lammers, Gert Jan

16. The Circadian Clock Gene Csnk1e Regulates Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Amount, and Nonrapid Eye Movement Sleep Architecture in Mice - Zhou, Lili; Bryant, Camron D.; Loudon, Andrew; Palmer, Abraham A.; Vitaterna, Martha Hotz; Turek, Fred W.

17. Motor Events during Healthy Sleep: A Quantitative Polysomnographic Study - Frauscher, Birgit; Gabelia, David; Mitterling, Thomas; Biermayr, Marlene; Bregler, Deborah; Ehrmann, Laura; Ulmer, Hanno; Högl, Birgit

18. Developmental Patterns of Sleep Slow Wave Activity and Synaptic Density in Adolescent Mice - de Vivo, Luisa; Faraguna, Ugo; Nelson, Aaron B.; Pfister-Genskow, Martha; Klapperich, Marki E.; Tononi, Giulio; Cirelli, Chiara

19. Sleep Reduces False Memory in Healthy Older Adults - Lo, June C.; Sim, Sam K. Y.; Chee, Michael W. L.

20. High Dosage of Hypnotics Predicts Subsequent Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders and Is Associated with Worse Outcomes for Depression - Li, Cheng-Ta; Bai, Ya-Mei; Lee, Ying-Chiao; Mao, Wei-Chung; Chen, Mu-Hong; Tu, Pei-Chi; Chen, Ying-Sheue; Chen, Tzeng-Ji; Chang, Wen-Hang; Su, Tung-Ping

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