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1. Erratum

2. Brain Tissue Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress Induced by Obstructive Apneas is Different in Young and Aged Rats - Dalmases, Mireia; Torres, Marta; Márquez-Kisinousky, Leonardo; Almendros, Isaac; Planas, Anna M.; Embid, Cristina; Martínez-Garcia, Miguel Ángel; Navajas, Daniel; Farré, Ramon; Montserrat, Josep Maria

3. Examining the Mechanism of Action of a New Device Using Oral Pressure Therapy for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Schwab, Richard J.; Kim, C.; Siegel, Lawrence; Keenan, B.T.; Black, Jed; Farid-Moayer, Mehran; Podmore, Jonathan; Vaska, Matt

4. Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Older Adults is a Distinctly Different Physiological Phenotype - Edwards, Bradley A.; Wellman, Andrew; Sands, Scott A.; Owens, Robert L.; Eckert, Danny J.; White, David P.; Malhotra, Atul

5. Work Time Control and Sleep Disturbances: Prospective Cohort Study of Finnish Public Sector Employees - Salo, Paula; Ala-Mursula, Leena; Rod, Naja Hulvej; Tucker, Philip; Pentti, Jaana; Kivimäki, Mika; Vahtera, Jussi

6. Long-Term Effectiveness and Compliance of Positional Therapy with the Sleep Position Trainer in the Treatment of Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome - van Maanen, J. Peter; de Vries, Nico

7. Moderators and Mediators of the Relationship Between Stress and Insomnia: Stressor Chronicity, Cognitive Intrusion, and Coping - Pillai, Vivek; Roth, Thomas; Mullins, Heather M.; Drake, Christopher L.

8. Hippocampal Substructural Vulnerability to Sleep Disturbance and Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Chronic Primary Insomnia: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Morphometry - Joo, Eun Yeon; Kim, Hosung; Suh, Sooyeon; Hong, Seung Bong

9. Subjective and Objective Sleep Disturbance and Longitudinal Risk of Depression in a Cohort of Older Women - Maglione, Jeanne E.; Ancoli-Israel, Sonia; Peters, Katherine W.; Paudel, Misti L.; Yaffe, Kristine; Ensrud, Kristine E.; Stone, Katie L.;

10. Sleep Duration and Age-Related Changes in Brain Structure and Cognitive Performance - Lo, June C.; Loh, Kep Kee; Zheng, Hui; Sim, Sam K.Y.; Chee, Michael W.L.

11. Sleep Promotes Cortical Response Potentiation Following Visual Experience - Aton, Sara J.; Suresh, Aneesha; Broussard, Christopher; Frank, Marcos G.

12. Sleep Apnea: A Redox Edge with Aging? - Veasey, Sigrid

13. Work-life Balance - Gangwisch, James E.

14. The Ups and Downs of Synapses during Sleep and Learning - Heller, Craig

15. Heart Rate Variability for Evaluating Vigilant Attention in Partial Chronic Sleep Restriction - Henelius, Andreas; Sallinen, Mikael; Huotilainen, Minna; Müller, Kiti; Virkkala, Jussi; Puolamäki, Kai

16. Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion - Cordi, Maren J.; Schlarb, Angelika A.; Rasch, Björn

17. Dissociating Effects of Global SWS Disruption and Healthy Aging on Waking Performance and Daytime Sleepiness - Groeger, John A.; Stanley, Neil; Deacon, Stephen; Dijk, Derk-Jan

18. Evaluation of a Sleep Education Program for Low-Income Preschool Children and Their Families - Wilson, Katherine E.; Miller, Alison L.; Bonuck, Karen; Lumeng, Julie C.; Chervin, Ronald D.

19. Severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea is Associated with Cardiac Troponin I Concentrations in a Community-based Sample: Data from the Akershus Sleep Apnea Project - Einvik, Gunnar; Røsjø, Helge; Randby, Anna; Namtvedt, Silje K.; Hrubos-Strøm, Harald; Brynildsen, Jon; Somers, Virend K.; Omland, Torbjørn

20. Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Obesity on Exercise Function in Children - Evans, Carla A.; Selvadurai, Hiran; Baur, Louise A.; Waters, Karen A.

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