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  1. Controls on Annual Forest Carbon Storage: Lesson from the Past and Predictions for the Future [Supplementary Material]

    Gough, Christopher M.; Vogel, Christoph; Schmid, Hans Peter; Curtis, Peter S.
    The temperate forests of North America may play an important role in future carbon (C) sequestration strategies. New multi-year ecosystem-scale C cycling studies are providing a process-level understanding of the factors controlling annual forest C storage. Using a combination of ecological and meteorological methods, we quantified the response of annual C storage to historically widespread disturbances, forest succession, and climate variation in a common forest type of the upper Great Lakes region. At our study site in Michigan, repeated clear-cut harvesting and fire disturbance resulted in a lasting decrease in annual forest C storage. However, climate variation exerts a strong...
    - 23-jul-2011

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