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  1. Over het herstel van putten in de weg en andere gebrekkige zaken: de gemeente heeft recht op terugbetaling door de bewaarder

    Vanheusden, Bernard; Dekoninck, Dennis

  2. Selectie van rechtsleer verschenen in de periode van 1 mei 2012 tot en met 22 juni 2012

    Vanheusden, Bernard

  3. Selectie van rechtsleer verschenen in de periode van 21 februari 2012 tot en met 30 april 2012

    Vanheusden, Bernard

  4. Ik ben bezorgd

    Vanheusden, Bernard
    Eind juni maakte de Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL) een tussenbalans op van het milieubeleid van de Vlaamse regering. En die balans is behoorlijk negatief. De BBL gaat in het rapport in op de volgende beleidsthema's : klimaat, luchtkwaliteit, logistiek, ruimtelijke ordening, natuur, energie, duurzaam materialenbeheer, geluid, snellere en betere procedures, en innovatie. Voor meerdere van deze thema's zijn de cijfers allerminst rooskleurig.

  5. Phytoremediation of Trace Element-Contaminated Environments and the Potential of Endophytic Bacteria for Improving this Process

    Cherian, Sam; WEYENS, Nele; Lindberg, Sylvia; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco
    Trace elements (heavy metals and metalloids) are among the most widespread contaminants that pose serious threat to all living organisms. Plant and microbial-assisted remediation holds great promise for in situ remediation of trace-element contaminated environments. An extended knowledge of plant processes generally involved in the uptake, translocation, storage, and detoxification of contaminants, and plant-microbe interactions were essential in developing improved technologies for environmental cleanup. Presently, with the initiation of transgenic technologies, great strides have been made in trace element phytoremediation research. In this review, the authors provide an overview of the present knowledge of how plants cope with trace elements...

  6. Environmental and socio-economic impacts of landfills

    Danthurebandara, Maheshi; Van Passel, Steven; Nelen, Dirk; Tielemans,Yves; Van Acker, Karel
    A modern landfill is an engineered method for depositing waste in specially constructed and protected cells on the land surface or in excavations into the land surface. Despite the fact that an increasing amount of waste is reused, recycled or energetically valorized, landfills still play an important role in waste management strategies. The degradation of wastes in the landfill results in the production of leachate and gases. These emissions are potentials threats to human health and to the quality of the environment. Landfill gas consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, both important greenhouse gases. Landfill sites contribute 20% of...

  7. A techno-economic evaluation of a biomass energy conversion park

    Van Dael, Miet; Van Passel, Steven; Pelkmans, Luc; Guisson, Ruben; Reumerman, Patrick; Marquez-Luzardo, Nathalie; Witters, Nele; Broeze, Jan
    Biomass as a renewable energy source has many advantages and is therefore recognized as one of the main renewable energy sources to be deployed in order to attain the target of 20% renewable energy use of final energy consumption by 2020 in Europe. In this paper the concept of a biomass Energy Conversion Park (ECP) is introduced. A biomass ECP can be defined as a synergetic,multi-dimensional biomass conversion site with a highly integrated set of conversion technologies in which a multitude of regionally available biomass (residue) sources are converted into energy and materials. A techno-economic assessment is performed on a...

  8. The "Falcatae", a new Gondwanan species group of Gieysztoria (Platyhelminthes: Dalyelliidae), with the description of five new species

    VAN STEENKISTE, Niels; TESSENS, Bart; WILLEMS, Wim; Van Mulken, Els; ARTOIS, Tom
    Gieysztoria Ruebush and Hayes, 1939, the most species-rich genus of limnic rhabdocoels (Platyhelminthes: Dalyelliidae), is subdivided into several groups based on stylet morphology. Most taxa are known from the Palearctic and the Neotropics. Very little is known about limnic, free-living flatworms in other tropical and subtropical regions. In this contribution five new species of Gieysztoria are described from India, Australia and South Africa, all former Gondwanan fragments. Gieysztoria garudae n. sp., G. ashokae n. sp. and G. ramayana n. sp. were collected in Goa (India), G. stokesi n. sp. in the Northern Territory (Australia) and G. zuluensis n. sp. in...

  9. Occupational Exposure to Petroleum Products and Respiratory Health A Cross-Sectional Study From Algeria

    Sekkal, Samira; Haddam, Nahida; Scheers, Hans; Poels, Katrien L.; Bouhacina, Linda; NAWROT, Tim; Veulemans, Hendrik A.; Taleb, Abdesselam; Nemery, Benoit
    Objective: To investigate the possible impact of long-term occupational exposure to hydrocarbons on respiratory health. Methods: Respiratory health was assessed by questionnaires, spirometry, and exhaled nitric oxide in 250 male workers from a company handling and distributing refined petroleum products (exposed) and 250 electricians (controls). Exposure to hydrocarbons was assessed by personal air monitoring. Results: Aerial exposure to hydrocarbons was low. Respiratory and nasal symptoms were significantly more frequent among exposed subjects than among controls. Although forced vital capacity and forced expiratory volume in 1 second did not differ, ratio of forced expiratory volume in 1 second to forced vital...

  10. Selective Desulfurization of Model Diesel Fuel by Carbon Nanoparticles as Adsorbent

    NAVIRI FALLAH, Rahimeh; Azizian, Saeid; REGGERS, Guy; SCHREURS, Sonja; CARLEER, Robert; YPERMAN, Jan
    This work examines the effect of aromatic compounds (naphthalene and 1-methylnaphthalene) on the adsorption of sulfur thiophenic compounds (including benzothiophene, dibenzothiophene, and dimethyldibenzothiophene) from simulated diesel fuel by dispersed carbon nanoparticles (CNPs) in aqueous solution. To evaluate the equilibrium and kinetics of adsorptive desulfurization by synthesized CNPs, two model diesel fuels with 300 ppmw total concentration of sulfur compounds were used in a batch reactor at ambient conditions. The solid CNPs were characterized using FTIR, thermal analysis, elemental analysis, TEM, and surface pH. The equilibrium experimental data were fitted to Langmuir, Freundlich, and Langmuir-Freundlich models to estimate the adsorption parameters....

  11. Long-term phytoremediation using fodder maize: an integrated approach leads to economic synergies

    Van Dael, Miet; Witters, Nele; Guisson, Ruben; Van Passel, Steven

  12. How many species in the Southern Ocean? Towards a dynamic inventory of the Antarctic marine species.

    De Broyer, Claude; Danis, Bruno; Allcock, Louise; Angel, Martin V.; Arango, Claudia; Artois, Tom; Barnes, D.; Bartsch, Ilse; Bester, Marthan; Blachowiak-Samolyk, Kasia; Blazewicz, Magda; Bohn, Jens; Brandt, Angelika; Brandao, Simone Nunes; David, Bruno; de Salas, Miguel; Eleaume, Marc; Emig, Christian; Fautin, Daphne; George, Kai-Horst; Gillan, David; Gooday, Andrew; Hopcroft, Russ; Jangoux, Michel; Janussen, Dorte; Koubbi, Philippe; Kouwenberg, Juliana; Kuklinski, Piotr; Ligowski, Ryszard; Lindsay, Dhugal; Linse, Katrin; Longshaw, Matt; Lopez-Gonzalez, Pablo; Martin, Patrick; Munilla, Tomas; Muhlenhardt-Siegel, Ute; Neuhaus, Birger; Norenburg, Jon; Ozouf-Costaz, Catherine; Pakhomov, Evgeny; Perrin, William; Petryashov, Victor; Pena-Cantero, Alvaro; Piatkowski, Uwe; Pierrot-Bults, Annelies; Rocka, Anna; Saiz-Salinas, Jose; Salvini-Plawen, Luitfried; Scarabino, Victor; Schiaparelli, Stefano; Schrodl, Michael; Schwabe, Enrico; Scott, Fiona; Sicinski, Jacek; Siegel, Volker; Smirnov, Igor; Thatje, Sven; Utevsky, Andrei; Vanreusel, Ann; Wiencke, Christian; Woehler, Eric; Zdzitowiecki, Krzysztof; Zeidler, Wolfgang
    The IPY sister-projects CAML and SCAR-MarBIN provided a timely opportunity, a strong collaborative framework and an appropriate momentum to attempt assessing the "Known, Unknown and Unknowable" of Antarctic marine biodiversity. To allow assessing the known biodiversity, SCAR-MarBIN "Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS) was complied and published by a panel of 64 taxonomic experts. Thanks to this outstanding expertise mobilized for the first time, an accurate list of more than 8100 valid species was compiled and up-to-date systematic classification comprising more than 16800 taxon names was established. This taxonomic information is progressively and systematically completed by species occurrence data, provided...

  13. A health risk based decision anlaysis for groundwater remediation

    Creemers, Sarah; Compernolle, Tine; Van Passel, Steven

  14. Phytoremediation uncertainty tackled : a real option approach

    Compernolle, Tine; Van Passel, Steven; Huisman, Kuno; Kort, Peter

  15. Importance of crown architecture for leaf area index of different Populus genotypes in a high-density plantation

    Broeckx, L. S.; Verlinden, M. S.; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Ceulemans, R.
    Crown architecture is an important determinant of biomass production and yield of any bio-energy plantation since it determines leaf area display and hence light interception. Four Populus genotypes - of different species and hybrids and with contrasting productivity and leaf area - were examined in terms of their branch characteristics in relation to crown architecture during the first and second growing seasons after plantation establishment. The trees were planted at high density (8000 ha???1) on two different former land use types, cropland and pasture. We documented significant differences in branch architecture among the genotypes and for the first year among...

  16. Adverse Health Effects of Child Labor: High Exposure to Chromium and Oxidative DNA Damage in Children Manufacturing Surgical Instruments

    Sughis, Muhammad; NAWROT, Tim; Haufroid, Vincent; Nemery, Benoit
    BACKGROUND: A considerable part of the worldwide production of surgical instruments takes place in Sialkot, Pakistan. Many children work in hazardous conditions in this industry. OBJECTIVE: We investigated exposure to metals and possible health effects among children working in surgical instruments manufacturing units compared with schoolchildren from the same city. METHODS: In a cross-sectional study we studied a convenience sample of 104 male children (10-14 years of age) working in surgical instruments manufacturing units and 75 male children of similar age from a school in Sialkot, Pakistan. A respiratory questionnaire was administered, spirometry was performed, and blood pressure was measured....

  17. Recent Developments in EU Environmental Policy and Law

    Mertens, Kathleen
    This section briefly describes the significant political initiatives and acts of legislation in the environmental field adopted from 1 July 2011 until 29 February 2012.

  18. Rio twintig jaar later: het pad naar een duurzame samenleving is lang en met vele hobbels bezaaid

    Mertens, Kathleen

  19. Aansprakelijkheid van de overheid voor klimaatverandering. Kan het EVRM een uitweg bieden? Een analyse voor Nederland en België

    Mertens, Kathleen

  20. Health impact of urban air pollution in Belgium

    Remy, Suzanne; Nawrot, Tim; Fierens, Frans; Petit, Paul; Vanderstraeten, Peter; Nemery, Benoit; Bouland, Catherine
    Health impact assessment (HIA) of air pollution was performed in three Belgian cities using APHEIS methodology, in the framework of the Belgian NEHAP. The urban agglomerations of Liege, Antwerp, and Brussels were chosen, totalling together two million inhabitants. HIA was calculated using either measured or interpolated populated weighted air data. We estimated the annual number of deaths in 2004 attributed to acute, subacute, and chronic exposure to PM10 above 20 mu g/m(3), the PM10 target value defined in the EU directive (1999/30/EC). For the three cities combined, 5.5% of the mortality is attributable to PM10 concentrations higher than the reference...

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