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  1. "'Slightly' Modified, Giraffes Would Make Great Fighter Pilots, and Bats, Great Cardiologists ... and Please Give Me a Heart That's Part Guinea Pig, Part Spider, Part Rat, and Part Goat ... or It's Lucky We're So Smart!"

    Hamlin, Robert L.
    Anatomical and physiological diversity within the animal population is manifested in many species which adapt well to environments in which others may perish, but much of this diversity is manifested in characteristics which, if possessed by humans, would provide them with exceptional capabilities. This presentation will describe properties of giraffes, bats, guinea pigs, spiders and goats that if present in humans would allow them to perform exceptional feats. Specifically: (1) the giraffe possesses the ability to tolerate great postural changes that if present in pilots would allow them to tolerate enormous accelerations; (2) bats perform ultrasonic-echolocation to identify minute structural...
    (Duration: 01:09:00) - 28-may-2011

  2. Telling Stories in Medieval English Courts: Whose Voices Do We Hear?

    Hanawalt, Barbara
    Economic, social, and cultural historians confront the problem of establishing narratives, evoking personal experiences, and trying to find broader patterns and trends out of the obscure records of various written court records. Sometimes, but not often, storytellers were literate. Often their testimony was given in English and translated into French, the language the judges used, and then written down in Latin, which was the language of the court. Could the victim or the accused understand the language of the court as they stood before the bar? How do we know about these people, speaking in their own vernacular language, but...
    (Duration: 01:05:22) - 23-abr-2014

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