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2004-05 Conferences

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  1. Distributive Politics and Social Protection in the 21st Century

    Rudra, Nita; Nooruddin, Irfan; Simmons, Joel; Kaufman, Robert; Scanlon, T. M.; Cook, Linda; Wilson, Sarah; Haggard, Stephan; Brooks, Sarah; Béland, Daniel; van Wijnbergen, Christina; Weyland, Kurt; Kurtz, Marcus
    Dramatic economic and demographic transitions have prompted societies around the world to renegotiate the social bargains underpinning national social protection systems. In the process, social welfare reforms have laid bare deep fault lines of distributive conflict, cleaving societies across generations, income levels, and risk groups. Although considerable scholarly attention has been paid to the distinctive contours of these reforms, much of this inquiry remains bound within regional or national lines. As a step toward bridging these empirical and theoretical gaps, this workshop will bring together scholars engaged in research on social protection and distributive conflict in diverse regions of the world, from Latin America to Europe and Asia. Questions addressed in the workshop will...
    - 23-abr-2014

  2. The Pathology of War Plans: The Lessons of 1914

    Hamilton, Richard; Herwig, Holger; Foerster, Stig; Gooch, John; Kronenbitter, Guenther; Menning, Bruce; Neilson, Keith; Porch, Douglas
    The major European powers, Austria-Hungary , Britain , France , Germany , Italy , and Russia , developed war plans in the years prior to the August 1914 outbreak. These plans, all of them, proved to be seriously flawed. Six experts will present their analyses of the planning processes and the pathologies involved.
    (Audio Duration: 02:05:27) - 23-abr-2014

  3. America in East Asia: Symposium on American Cultural Influences in China, Japan, and Korea

    Yu, George; Tsutsui, William; Cumings, Bruce
    Event webpage, handout
    - 23-abr-2014

  4. Cultural Circulations: The Movement of People, Goods, and Ideas

    Shuman, Amy; Anagnostu, Georgios; Gottlieb, Esther; Horowitz, Amy; Noyes, Dorothy; Wyszomirski, Margaret
    Event webpage, website
    - 23-abr-2014

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