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2003-04 Conferences

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  1. The United States and Iraq: Why We're There, Where We're Going: An Educational Forum

    Grimsley, Mark; Herrmann, Richard; O'Connell, Mary Ellen; Webber, Sabra
    In April 2004, the United States suffered more casualities in Iraq than during the entire period of declared hostilities last year. Almost every aspect of American occupation remains controversial. Has the removal of Saddam Hussein helped the United States in its war on terror? What are the prospects of fostering democracy in Iraq? What are the implications under international law? How does the invasion and occupation appear to people living in other parts of the world, especially the Middle East

  2. American Culture and Anti-Americanism in Russia

    Derluguian, Georgi; Zubok, Vladislav; Brown, John
    The Slavic Center is organizing a symposium on “American Culture and Anti-Americanism in Russia” to be held on 7 May 2004 from 2:30-5:00 at the Mershon Center. This event is part of a series of symposia exploring the impact of American culture on various regions of the world. Each of the five area studies centers at OSU, in cooperating with the Mershon Center, will host a meeting dealing with its respective region. Last quarter the Middle East Center organized such a symposium. This quarter the Slavic Center invites a former diplomat, a sociologist, and a political scientist to participate in a panel focused on the impact of American culture on Russian...

  3. Exile and Otherness

    Stephan, Alexander
    Event webpage, event summary

  4. Russia's Parliamentary Elections: What is at stake on December 7th?

    Hopf, Ted; Frye, Timothy; Hudson, George
    Several of the Mershon Center’s professors, including Ted Hopf and Timothy Frye, both Political Scientists, and George Hudson, a visiting scholar from Wittenberg University, perform field research in Russia. The day before the parliamentary elections in Russia in December, these three experts discussed the political situation surrounding the elections.

  5. Persecution and Conflict in Mediterranean Religions

    Mershon Center for International Security Studies
    Event webpage

  6. Conference on Adaptive Management and Global Climate Change

    Aryal, Joseph; Koontz, Thomas; Robbins, Paul; Sohngen, Brent; Thompson, Alex
    Scholars from a variety of disciplines, including Economics, Geography, Political Science, and others, came to Ohio State to discuss the human dimension of climate change during the Adaptive Research and Governance in Climate Change conference. With an eye on the policy-relevant, social scientific study of climate change and attacking the problem with an integrative approach, the conference convened scholars for two days to focus on one question: how to marry the myriad aspects of climate change to develop a policy to improve the current crisis of climate change.

  7. United Nations Association

    Mershon Center for International Security Studies
    The Mershon Center was the primary sponsor of the Columbus chapter of the United Nations Association’s two-day intercollegiate forum, which asked students to debate the relevance of the United Nations system in the twenty-first century. For two days, delegates from UNA chapters at universities throughout Ohio and neighboring states discussed various aspects of the UN system, including the security council, the role of NGOs, the World Trade Organization, and health care.

  8. Democracy, Citizenship and Legitimacy: A Citizenship Mini-Conference

    Williams, Melissa; Estlund, David; McCormick, John
    Event webpage

  9. Deprivation, Violence, and Identities: Mapping Contemporary World Conflicts

    Jenkins, J. Craig; Gottlieb, Esther; Kukielka-Blaser, Joanna; Sikainga, Ahmad; Spaulding, Frank; Stephan, Halina
    With the collapse of the Soviet Union, many anticipated the advent of a “new world order” of global capitalism, or even an “end to history,” implying that conflicts based on ideology and competing national interests and identities would lose their political relevance in the post-Cold War era. Quite to the contrary, the 1990s saw an upwelling of ethnic and religious violence in locations as disparate as the former Yugoslavia, Central Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. Prior to the events of 9/11, the structure of international relations had still made it possible to imagine that such conflicts had local roots and were thus exclusively of...

  10. Protest Music As Responsible Citizenship

    Belafonte, Harry; Near, Holly; Johnson Reagon, Bernice; Seeger, Pete
    Protest Music As Responsible Citizenship was a special event that studied how music helps to construct the political consciousness of a nation, how songs mobilize thousands of people around issues affecting American life, and how music addresses the role of America in the global context.

  11. Understanding Global Tensions

    Mershon Center for International Security Studies
    The Mershon Center received a $98,000 grant from the National Science Foundation and led a three-day workshop on the causes and consequences of global tensions caused by extremist movements and political violence in the Middle East. The workshop was held in Istanbul at Bogazici University in late June and convened scholars from around the world to study topics such as the influence of religion and ideology and tensions between global and local cultures.

  12. The Sino-American Security Dialogue

    Andrews, Julie; Yu, Bin; Gries, Peter
    Mershon Center for International Security Studies

  13. Identity Matters...And How

    Neumann, Iver; Doty, Roxanne Lynn; Oren, Ido; Richter, Jim; Larson, Deborah; Blum, Douglas; Abdelal, Rawi; Weldes, Jutta; Hopf, Ted; Noyes, Dorothy; Sterling-Folker, Jennifer; Kowert, Paul; Sylvan, Don; Klotz, Audie; Herrera, Yoshiko; Fierke, Karin
    Event webpage, comments, responses

  14. The Dark Side of Globalization

    Hashamova, Yana; Stephan, Halina
    A recent CIA report estimates that between 45,000 and 50,000 women and children are brought to the United States every year under false pretenses and are forced to work as prostitutes, abused laborers or servants. More than 700,000 people all around the world are trafficked every year for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor. Besides being a human rights issue, trafficking in human beings is a public health concern due to the widespread infection of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, it is a transnational organized crime and a socioeconomic issue. In Eastern Europe, a recognized “supply” and “demand” region, the practice is fed by economic disparity, corruption,...

  15. Religion, Secrecy and Security: Religious Freedom

    Urban, Hugh
    Mershon is funding a small conferenceon the topic of religion, secrecy and security in a global context that will offer an explicitly comparative, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to the problems of secrecy and religion. The scholars involved will be drawn not only from the field of religious studies, but also from political science, sociology, law, anthropology and communications. Tentatively proposed for Autumn 2003, the conference will involve an intensive discussion of papers submitted by twelve participants and two public keynote lectures for the University community at large. The conference will address the following key questions: Why do some religious traditions insist that certain aspects of their beliefs and practices remain secret and...

  16. Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa Conference

    Sikainga, Ahmad
    The Center for African Studies at the Ohio State University will organize a two-day conference in spring 2004 on Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa. The conference will bring academics from various disciplinary backgrounds, professionals, and individuals involved in the reconstruction process to examine the reconstruction efforts currently taking place in a number of waraffected African countries. Participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences, to develop strategies of intervention, and to examine and discuss approaches and theoretical paradigms for the study of conflict resolution, reconciliation, democratization, and nation building. The conference will address the following themes: Children in Conflict and Reconstruction, Gender issues in Conflict and Reconstruction, Demobilization and Reintegration of Ex- Combatants, Natural...

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