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  1. Arietes ex Africa

    Gómez-Pantoja, Joaquín
    A partir del pasaje de Columela VII en el que se describe la mejora del colorido de la lana mediante cruce de variedades de ovejas, se examina la influencia sobre la posterior cabaña peninsular. Columella (de agric VII) mentioned how african sheeps were brought to Gades to improve wool colour and quality; from this, the paper goes on exploring how that experience could have influenced animal husbandry in Spain.
    (74660 bytes; application/pdf) - 30-oct-2008

  2. Pecora consectari: transhumance in Roman Spain

    Gómez-Pantoja, Joaquín
    Although ancient authorities mainly described Spain as a herdsmen's country and often praised the number and quality of her livestock, there are no reliable proofs of transhumance before the Visighotic period. Nevertheless, indirect evidence suggests that herds were mov- ing between seasonal grazing areas even during the time of the Roman conquest. Later on, several legal documents are better explained invok- ing the interest of cities and individuals in controlling alternative pas- ture lands, and some migratory patterns seem to conform nicely with traditional transhumance's areas and with the routes linking them.
    (2383646 bytes; application/pdf) - 09-may-2008

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