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  1. Road Sign Analysis Using Multisensory Data

    López Sastre, Roberto J.; Lafuente Arroyo, Sergio; Gil Jiménez, Pedro; Siegmann, Philip; Maldonado Bascón, Saturnino
    This paper deals with the problem of estimating the following road sign parameters: height, dimensions, visibility distance and partial occlusions. This work belongs to a framework whose main applications involve road sign maintenance, driver assistance, and inventory systems. From this paper we suggest a multisensory system composed from two cameras, a GPS receiver, and a distance measurement device,all of them installed in a car. The process consists of several steps which include road sign detection, recognition and tracking , and road signs parameters estimation. From some trigonometric properties, and a camera model, the information provided by the tracking subsystem and...
    (2839002 bytes; application/pdf) - 09-may-2008

  2. Computer Algebra Algorithms Applied to Computer Vision in a Parking Management System

    López Sastre, Roberto J.; Gil Jiménez, Pedro; Acevedo, Francisco J.; Maldonado Bascón, Saturnino
    From this paper, we propose a novel methodology to compute a 2D Homography applying some algorithms of computer algebra. We consider the classical problem of solving (exactly) a linear system of algebraic equations, and we suggest a new algorithm for computer vision, based on homomorphism methods over Z, to solve a system of equations necessary to achieve a 3 × 3 matrix H which lets us to compute the projective transformation which translates coordinates between points in different planes. From this work, we want to show that it is possible to apply a symbolic approach to some crucial issues of...
    (1313464 bytes; application/pdf) - 09-may-2008

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