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  1. Cumulative measure of correlation for multipartite quantum states

    García López De Lacalle, Jesús; Fonseca de Oliveira, André Luiz; Buksman Hollander, Efrain
    The present article proposes a measure of correlation for multiqubit mixed states. The measure is de?ned recursively, accumulating the correlation of the subspaces, making it simple to calculate without the use of regression. Unlike usual measures, the proposed measure is continuous additive and re?ects the dimensionality of the state space, allowing to compare states with di?erent dimensions. Examples show that the measure can signal critical points (CPs) in the analysis of Quantum Phase Transitions (QPTs) in Heisenberg models.

  2. High resolution emission estimation in hot-spots of Madrid (Spain)

    Quaassdorff, Christina Violetta; Borge García, Rafael; Paz Martín, David de la; Pérez Rodríguez, Javier; Andrés Almeida, Juan Manuel de; Lumbreras Martin, Julio
    This work aims at obtaining high resolution NOx and PM10 emissions from road traffic at hot-spots in Madrid (Spain). For that, 12 1-hour representative scenarios are simulated with the traffic microsimulation model VISSIM. Measured traffic data (fluxes and fleet composition) are used as input for the model to obtain speed-time profiles for each vehicle. These profiles are used to predict representative emission factors for different vehicle classes in the VERSIT+micro model through the ENVIVER interface. Emission factors are compared with the ones of COPERT 4, a widely used average-speed model, as a preliminary model assessment. The results are strongly influenced...

  3. Power distribution in a 13 kW three-phase rectifier system: impact on weight, volume and efficiency

    Molina García, José María; Zhao, Sisi; Silva, M.; Oliver Ramírez, Jesús Angel; Alou Cervera, Pedro; Torres, J.; Arévalo, F.; García, O.; Cobos Márquez, José Antonio
    This paper addresses the power delivery strategy on an aircraft application consisting on seven isolated DC loads to be supplied from the AC grid. Distributed or centralized power processing is evaluated taking into account weight and efficiency. Additionally, the rectifier switching frequency has to be synchronized with an external frequency clock to minimize the interference of the converter harmonics with the loads.

  4. Docencia presencial y laboratorio remoto: una unión idónea para las prácticas de motores alternativos

    Tizón Pulido, Juan Manuel; Navarro Arevalo, Emilio
    Se ha utilizado en una misma clase presencial recursos docentes convencionales, como son la clase magistral y las presentaciones en pantalla, junto con un laboratorio remoto para impartir docencia de prácticas de laboratorio de Motores Alternativos de Combustión Interna. En ambos casos se ha hecho uso de cámaras de video para visualizar las instalaciones en tiempo real. La clase magistral se ha utilizado para describir las instalaciones que forman parte de un banco de ensayos y el laboratorio remoto se ha utilizado para realizar ensayos para la determinación de actuaciones de un motor de encendido provocado. Con esta metodología se...

  5. Design study of OER-CC ontology: a semantic web approach to describe open educational resources

    Piedra Pullaguari, Nelson Oswaldo; Chicaiza Espinosa, Janneth Alexandra; López Vargas, Jorge; Tovar Caro, Edmundo
    Through the application of semantic technologies to describe Open Educational Resources, any agent (human or software-based) could process and understand its contents; therefore, the agent could perform tasks autonomously or in a more effective way. In this paper, we describe the design and validation of the OER-CC ontology, which models the domain knowledge of educational resources licensed under Creative Commons Licenses. One of the most important contributions of this work is that we implement different rules and axioms to identify inconsistencies between rights provided by a licensed on an learning material and particular uses that are performed on it.

  6. An approach for description of Open Educational Resources based on semantic technologies

    Piedra Pullaguari, Nelson Oswaldo; Chicaiza Espinosa, Janneth Alexandra; López Vargas, Jorge; Martínez Bonastre, Óscar; Tovar Caro, Edmundo
    Open Educational Resources are accessed through the web, whose real setting shows an explosion in the use and development of tools and services based on Social Software. However, the growth of this data repository makes it difficult to find information of value, and reduces the possibilities of sharing and exchanging resources. Using semantic technologies to describe educational resources enables any agent (human or software-based) to process and understand its content (applying inference rules on more structured knowledge). Metadata standards can be used to annotate educational resources; they facilitate their interoperability and discovery. In this work, we propose, OER-CC ontology, for...

  7. Gallinas en Seseña

    Castillo Ochandiano, Juan Carlos Renato
    J.D. Fullaondo parafraseando a Joseph Beuys

  8. La Cueva de la Loja

    Castillo Ochandiano, Juan Carlos Renato
    La Inspiración de la Luz

  9. La Fiesta Nacional. (Gallinas en Seseña)

    Castillo Ochandiano, Juan Carlos Renato
    Relaciones del hombre con los animales

  10. Percepción y Sugerencias Plásticas y Espaciales

    Castillo Ochandiano, Juan Carlos Renato
    Inspiración y motivación para la representación artística

  11. Capilla Sixtina. (Reflejos y recuerdos de Altamira)

    Castillo Ochandiano, Juan Carlos Renato
    Ecos de las cavernas, similitudes entre los actos creadores de dos artistas separados 15.000 años

  12. La Arquitectura Interior

    Castillo Ochandiano, Juan Carlos Renato
    Obras e instalaciones para la habitabilidad de las cavernas

  13. La Mano

    Castillo Ochandiano, Juan Carlos Renato
    El nacimiento del arte pictórico paleolítico

  14. Estudio del daño local en un nudo viga pilar en un pórtico de hormigón armado usando el indice b-value obtenido por la energía de emisión acústica y la transformada wavelet

    Sagasta, Francisco; Zitto, Miguel E.; Piotrkowski, Rosa; Gallego, Antolino; Benavent Climent, Amadeo
    La técnica de Emisión Acústica (EA) ha demostrado ser eficaz para el seguimiento y la caracterización del daño en el hormigón armado. En este trabajo ha sido posible identificar las escalas (frecuencias) asignadas a la fractura del hormigón a través de la aplicación de la transformada wavelet continua (CWT) para evaluar el daño local en conexiones viga-columna de un pórtico de hormigón armado sometido a pruebas de tipo dinámicas (acciones sísmicas) con la mesa sísmica de la Universidad de Granada. Un nuevo índice de daño fue definido, denominado b-value energético a través de la Energía de Emisión Acústica calculada con...

  15. Fuzzy MCDA for remediation of a uranium tailing

    Pérez-Sánchez, Danyl; Jiménez Martín, Antonio; Mateos Caballero, Alfonso; Dvorzhak, Alla
    The Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant was a largest uranium processing enterprises, producing a huge amount of uranium residues. The Zapadnoe tailings site contains the majority of these residues. We propose a theoretical framework based on Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and fuzzy logic to analyse different remediation alternatives for the Zapadnoe tailings, in which potentially conflicting economic, radiological, social and environmental objectives are simultaneously taken into account. An objective hierarchy is built that includes all the relevant aspects. Fuzzy rather than precise values are proposed for use to evaluate remediation alternatives against the different criteria and to quantify preferences, such as the weights...

  16. Neurite, a finite difference large scale parallel program for the simulation of the electrical signal propagation in neurites under mechanical loading

    Garcia Grajales, Julian Andres; Garcia Dopico, Antonio; Peña Sanchez, Jose Maria; Rucabado, Gabriel; Jérusalem, Antoine
    With the growing body of research on traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, computational neuroscience has recently focused its modeling efforts on neuronal functional deficits following mechanical loading. However, in most of these efforts, cell damage is generally only characterized by purely mechanistic criteria, function of quantities such as stress, strain or their corresponding rates. The modeling of functional deficits in neurites as a consequence of macroscopic mechanical insults has been rarely explored. In particular, a quantitative mechanically based model of electrophysiological impairment in neuronal cells has only very recently been proposed (Jerusalem et al., 2013). In this paper,...

  17. Control del ruido en electrodomésticos

    Pavón García, Ignacio
    Ciclo de conferencias de información técnica. Escuela Politécnica de Cuenca. 12 noviembre 2014.

  18. Influencia de la sensibilización sobre la percepción de la molestia.

    Pavón García, Ignacio
    II Seminario de Acústica en la Edificación y Medio Ambiente en Chile. Ruido Urbano: Planificación y Edificación.

  19. La importancia de la experiencia del estudiante: su impacto en la evaluación de la calidad y la intención a recomendar la universidad. El caso de una universidad privada

    Grijalvo Martin, Maria Mercedes; Rubinsztejn, Gustavo; Rivera, Pilar
    Las universidades compiten en el mercado apoyándose en la calidad de sus planes educativos y de sus servicios. Esta competencia es crítica para las universidades privadas, para quienes la intención de recomendación es determinante en la captación de nuevos estudiantes. Especialmente si se considera que los criterios que los estudiantes utilizan en la evaluación de la calidad pueden variar en el tiempo de acuerdo a su ?experiencia? a lo largo del proceso de aprendizaje. Se investiga la percepción de la calidad de la carrera universitaria, en sus componentes ?calidad de la educación? y ?calidad organizativa del servicio?, y sus efectos...

  20. ? An Economic Analysis on Industry-Academy Cooperation.

    Grijalvo Martin, Maria Mercedes
    Nowadays, it has shown a closely relationship between the technological progress and economic development. As an example, the prosperity of American Silicon Valley and other High-tech Development Zones show that the industry-academy cooperation becomes the most effective way to transfer the knowledge into the economy. There is a large amount of scientific achievements in the universities which could possibly be applied to enterprises? projects. This paper focuses on how to promote an effective cooperation between the industries and the universities. By implementing the ?incomplete-contract theory? , setting the basic hypothesis and building the quantitative formulas for benefit comparison; we compare...

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