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  1. Adams methods: implementation as predictor-corrector methods

    Canovas Orvay, Francisca; Menarguez Palanca, M. Trinidad; Salvador Alcaide, Adela
    In this paper, Adams explicit and implicit formulas are obtained in a simple way and a relationship between them is established, allowing for their joint implementation as predictor-corrector methods. It is shown the purposefulness, from a didactic point of view, of Excel spreadsheets for calculations and for the orderly presentation of results in the application of Adams methods to solving initial value problems in ordinary differential equations.
    (application/pdf) - 11-nov-2017

  2. Contribución al estudio del criptoanálisis y diseño de los criptosistemas caóticos

    Orúe López, Amalia Beatriz
    The extraordinary increase of new information technologies, the development of Internet, the electronic commerce, the e-government, mobile telephony and future cloud computing and storage, have provided great benefits in all areas of society. Besides these, there are new challenges for the protection of information, such as the loss of confidentiality and integrity of electronic documents. Cryptography plays a key role by providing the necessary tools to ensure the safety of these new media. It is imperative to intensify the research in this area, to meet the growing demand for new secure cryptographic techniques. The theory of chaotic nonlinear dynamical systems...
    (application/pdf) - 31-oct-2017

  3. High Performance Algorithms and Implementations Using Sparse and Parallelization Techniques on MBS

    Hidalgo, Andrés Francisco; García de Jalón de la Fuente, Francisco Javier; Tapia Fernández, Santiago
    In this paper we will see how the efficiency of the MBS simulations can be improved in two different ways, by considering both an explicit and implicit semi-recursive formulation. The explicit method is based on a double velocity transformation that involves the solution of a redundant but compatible system of equations. The high computational cost of this operation has been drastically reduced by taking into account the sparsity pattern of the system. Regarding this, the goal of this method is the introduction of MA48, a high performance mathematical library provided by Harwell Subroutine Library. The second method proposed in this...
    (application/pdf) - 27-sep-2017

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