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  1. Simplifying data acquisition in plant canopies- Measurements of leaf angles with a cell phone

    Dorado Martin, Gabriel Antonio; Escribano Rocafort, Adrián; Ventre Lespiaucq, Agustina; Granado Yela, Carlos; López Pintor, Antonio; Delgado, Juan; Muñoz, Vicente; Balaguer, Luis
    1. Canopies are complex multilayered structures comprising individual plant crowns exposing a multifaceted surface area to sunlight. Foliage arrangement and properties are the main mediators of canopy functions. The leaves act as light traps whose exposure to sunlight varies with time of the day, date and latitude in a trade-off between photosynthetic light harvesting and excessive or photoinhibitory light avoidance. To date, ecological research based upon leaf sampling has been limited by the available echnology, with which data acquisition becomes labour intensive and time-consuming, given the verwhelming number of leaves involved. 2. In the present study, our goal involved developing...
    (application/pdf) - 09-nov-2017

  2. Softening-up mannan-rich cell walls

    Rodriguez Gacio, Maria del Carmen; Iglesias Fernandez, Raquel; Carbonero Zalduegui, Pilar; Matilla, Angel J.
    The softening and degradation of the cell wall (CW), often mannan enriched, is involved in several processes during development of higher plants, such as meristematic growth, fruit ripening, programmed cell death, and endosperm rupture upon germination. Mannans are also the predominant hemicellulosic CW polymers in many genera of green algae. The endosperm CWs of dry seeds often contain mannan polymers, sometimes in the form of galactomannans (Gal-mannans). The endo-beta-mannanases (MANs) that catalyse the random hydrolysis of the beta-linkage in the mannan backbone are one of the main hydrolytic enzymes involved in the loosening and remodelling of CWs. In germinating seeds,...
    (application/pdf) - 11-nov-2017

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