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This is an institutional repository providing access to the research output of the institution. Primarily contains thesis.

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1. Integration of wearable devices in a wireless sensor network for an e-health application - Castillejo Parrilla, Pedro; Martínez Ortega, José Fernán; Rodríguez Molina, Jesús; Cuerva García, Alexandra
Applications based on Wireless Sensor Networks for Internet of Things scenarios are on the rise. The multiple possibilities they offer have spread towards previously hard to imagine fields, like e-health or human physiological monitoring. An application has been developed for its usage in scenarios where data collection is applied to smart spaces, aiming at its usage in fire fighting and sports. This application has been tested in a gymnasium with real, non-simulated nodes and devices. A Graphic User Interface has been implemented to suggest a series of exercises to improve a sportsman/woman s condition, depending on the context and their profile....

2. Knowledge-based spatiotemporal linear abstraction - Shahar, Yuval; Molina, Martin
We present a theoretical framework and a case study for reusing the same conceptual and computational methodology for both temporal abstraction and linear (unidimensional) space abstraction, in a domain (evaluation of traffic-control actions) significantly different from the one (clinical medicine) in which the method was originally used. The method, known as knowledge-based temporal abstraction, abstracts high-level concepts and patterns from time-stamped raw data using a formal theory of domain-specific temporal-abstraction knowledge. We applied this method, originally used to interpret time-oriented clinical data, to the domain of traffic control, in which the monitoring task requires linear pattern matching along both space and...

3. Intelligent Therapy Assistant (ITA) for cognitive rehabilitation in patients with Acquired Brain Injury - Solana Sánchez, Javier; Cáceres Taladriz, César; García Molina, A.; Chausa Fernández, Paloma; Opisso, Eloy; Roig Rovira, Teresa; Menasalvas Ruiz, Ernestina; Tormos Muñoz, José M.; Gómez Aguilera, Enrique J.
This paper presents the design, development and first evaluation of an algorithm, named Intelligent Therapy Assistant (ITA), which automatically selects, configures and schedules rehabilitation tasks for patients with cognitive impairments after an episode of Acquired Brain Injury. The ITA is integrated in "Guttmann, Neuro Personal Trainer" (GNPT), a cognitive tele-rehabilitation platform that provides neuropsychological services.

4. La energía disipada en membranas de pericardio sometidas a fatiga uniaxial como predictor de su durabilidad. - Tobaruela, A.; Rojo Pérez, Francisco Javier; Guinea Tortuero, Gustavo V.
El pericardio es un material que se utiliza cuando se hace necesaria la sustitución de los velos de las válvulas cardiacas. En el presente trabajo se evalúa la durabilidad en fatiga de membranas de pericardio de ternera tratadas con glutaraldehído. Con tal propósito, se ensayaron 72 probetas de pericardio en condiciones fisiológicas de humedad y temperatura. Los ensayos se realizaron primero a fatiga hasta un número determinado de ciclos, entre un mínimo de 100 y un máximo de 4000, para luego ensayarse hasta rotura mediante un ensayo uniaxial de tracción simple. Las probetas consideradas control se sometieron a un único...

5. Estudio anatómico-funcional del pie - Rivas Quesada, Juan A.
El estudio del pie, de su funcionamiento, de su estructuración, de sus arcos, de todo aquello que lo hace tan maravillosamente funcional, ha sido para mí una constante atracción desde que empecé los estudios en este Instituto. Mis conocimientos de anatomía adquiridos en los primeros años de carrera, el gusto personal hacia esta materia penetrante y casi agresiva, la importancia que tiene en la formación del profesor de Educación Física, el conocimiento de la funcionalidad de las diferentes partes del cuerpo humano, la importancia que en sí mismo tiene el pie, no ya en los deportes y actividades físicas , sino...

6. GMM-based classifiers for the automatic detection of obstructive sleep apnea - Gómez García, J.A.; Blanco Murillo, José Luis; Godino Llorente, Juan Ignacio; Hernández Gómez, Luis Alfonso; Castellanos Domínguez, César Germán
The aim of automatic pathological voice detection systems is to serve as tools, to medical specialists, for a more objective, less invasive and improved diagnosis of diseases. In this respect, the gold standard for those system include the usage of a optimized representation of the spectral envelope, either based on cepstral coefficients from the mel-scaled Fourier spectral envelope (Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients) or from an all-pole estimation (Linear Prediction Coding Cepstral Coefficients) forcharacterization, and Gaussian Mixture Models for posterior classification. However, the study of recently proposed GMM-based classifiers as well as Nuisance mitigation techniques, such as those employed in speaker recognition,...

7. Minimally invasive surgical video analysis: a powerful tool for surgical training and navigation - Sánchez González, Patricia; Oropesa García, Ignacio; Gómez Aguilera, Enrique J.
Analysis of minimally invasive surgical videos is a powerful tool to drive new solutions for achieving reproducible training programs, objective and transparent assessment systems and navigation tools to assist surgeons and improve patient safety. This paper presents how video analysis contributes to the development of new cognitive and motor training and assessment programs as well as new paradigms for image-guided surgery.

8. Noninvasive monitoring of serial changes in pulmonary vascular resistance and acute vasodilator testing using cardiac magnetic resonance - García Álvarez, Ana; Fernández Friera, Leticia; García Ruiz, José Manuel; Nuño Ayala, Mario; Pereda, Daniel; Fernández Jiménez, Rodigo; Guzmán, Gabriela; Sánchez Quintana, Damian; Alberich Bayarri, Ángel; Pastor Escuredo, David; Sanz Rosa, David; García Prieto, Jaime; González Mirelis, Jesús G.; Pizarro, Gonzalo; Jiménez Borreguero, Luis Jesús; Fuster, Valentín; Sanz, Javier; Ibañez, Borja
Objectives The study sought to evaluate the ability of cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) to monitor acute and long-term changes in pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) noninvasively. Background PVR monitoring during the follow-up of patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) and the response to vasodilator testing require invasive right heart catheterization. Methods An experimental study in pigs was designed to evaluate the ability of CMR to monitor: 1) an acute increase in PVR generated by acute pulmonary embolization (n = 10); 2) serial changes in PVR in chronic PH (n = 22); and 3) changes in PVR during vasodilator testing in chronic PH (n = 10). CMR studies...

9. 3D Frangi-based lung vessel enhancement filter penalizing airways - Jimenez Carretero, Daniel; Santos Lleo, Andres de; Kerkstra, Sjoerd; Dewi Rudyanto, Rina; Ledesma Carbayo, María Jesús
This paper describes a fully automatic simultaneous lung vessel and airway enhancement filter. The approach consists of a Frangi-based multiscale vessel enhancement filtering specifically designed for lung vessel and airway detection, where arteries and veins have high contrast with respect to the lung parenchyma, and airway walls are hollow tubular structures with a non negative response using the classical Frangi's filter. The features extracted from the Hessian matrix are used to detect centerlines and approximate walls of airways, decreasing the filter response in those areas by applying a penalty function to the vesselness measure. We validate the segmentation method in...

10. MIA - a free and open source software for gray scale medical image analysis - Wöllny, Gert; Kellman, Peter; Ledesma Carbayo, María Jesús; Skinner, Matthew M.; Hublin, Jean-Jaques; Hierl, Thomas
Background Gray scale images make the bulk of data in bio-medical image analysis, and hence, the main focus of many image processing tasks lies in the processing of these monochrome images. With ever improving acquisition devices, spatial and temporal image resolution increases, and data sets become very large. Various image processing frameworks exists that make the development of new algorithms easy by using high level programming languages or visual programming. These frameworks are also accessable to researchers that have no background or little in software development because they take care of otherwise complex tasks. Specifically, the management of working memory is taken...

11. Anatomo-functional organization in brain networks - Pineda Pardo, José Ángel; Martínez, K.; Solana Sánchez, Ana Beatriz; Molina, Elena; Colom, Roberto; Buldú, J.M.; Hernández Tamames, J.A.; Pozo Guerrero, Francisco del
There are several studies focused on comparing rsFC networks with their structural substrate \cite{hagmann2008, honey2010}. However an accurate description of how anatomo-­functional connections are organized, both at physical and topological levels, is still to be defined. Here we present an approach to quantify the anatomo-functional organization and discuss its consistency.

12. New diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to treat ventricular tachycardias originating at the summit of the left ventricle role of merged hemodynamic-MRI and alternative ablation sources - Atienza, Felipe; Arenal Maíz, Ángel; Pérez David, Esther; Elízaga, Jaime; Ortuño Fisac, Juan Enrique; Ledesma Carbayo, María Jesús; Sánchez Quintana, Damian; Fernández Avilés, Francisco
The left ventricular (LV) summit is the most common site of idiopathic epicardial LV arrhythmias and frequently represents a diagnostic and a therapeutic challenge.1 We present a case of sustained monomorphic ventricular tachycardia (SMVT) originating at the LV summit that underwent failed cryosurgical epicardial ablation and was successfully treated with the aid of merged hemodynamic and contrast-enhanced MRI (CE-MRI).

13. Vocal tract settings in speakers suffering from obstructive sleep apnea síndrome - Blanco Murillo, José Luis; Schoentgen, Jean
Automatic systems based on speech signal analysis for the early dete ction of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have achieved fairly high performance rates in recent years. However, a satisfactory explanation of these results has not been available. This presentation aims at explaining via an examination of the long-term spectra of OSA patients and normal control speakers these systems’ ability to discover OSA speakers on the base of all-purpose cepstral coefficients. An in terpretation of the long- term spectra in terms of the underlying tract settings suggests that the speech of OSA patients is characterized by a pharyngeal narrowing that may be captured by acoustic...

14. Image processing methods for human brain connectivity analysis from in-vivo diffusion MRI - Esteban Sanz-Dranguet, Oscar
In this PhD Thesis proposal, the principles of diffusion MRI (dMRI) in its application to the human brain mapping of connectivity are reviewed. The background section covers the fundamentals of dMRI, with special focus on those related to the distortions caused by susceptibility inhomogeneity across tissues. Also, a deep survey of available correction methodologies for this common artifact of dMRI is presented. Two methodological approaches to improved correction are introduced. Finally, the PhD proposal describes its objectives, the research plan, and the necessary resources.

15. Brain structures identification based on feature descriptor - Luna Serrano, Marta; Gayá Moreno, Francisco Javier; Sánchez González, Patricia; Cáceres Taladriz, César; Pascual Leone, Álvaro; Tormos Muñoz, Josep M.; Gómez Aguilera, Enrique J.
Traumatic Brain Injury -TBI- -1- is defined as an acute event that causes certain damage to areas of the brain. TBI may result in a significant impairment of an individuals physical, cognitive and psychosocial functioning. The main consequence of TBI is a dramatic change in the individuals daily life involving a profound disruption of the family, a loss of future income capacity and an increase of lifetime cost. One of the main challenges of TBI Neuroimaging is to develop robust automated image analysis methods to detect signatures of TBI, such as: hyper-intensity areas, changes in image contrast and in brain...

16. Clustering techniques for patients suffering acquired brain injury inneuro personal trainer - Solana Sánchez, Javier; García Molina, A.; García Rudolph, A.; Cáceres Taladriz, César; Chausa Fernández, Paloma; Roig Rovira, Teresa; Tormos Muñoz, Josep M.; Gómez Aguilera, Enrique J.
The study of the effectiveness of the cognitive rehabilitation processes and the identification of cognitive profiles, in order to define comparable populations, is a controversial area, but concurrently it is strongly needed in order to improve therapies. There is limited evidence about cognitive rehabilitation efficacy. Many of the trials conclude that in spite of an apparent clinical good response, differences do not show statistical significance. The common feature in all these trials is heterogeneity among populations. In this situation, observational studies on very well controlled cohort of studies, together with innovative methods in knowledge extraction, could provide methodological insights for...

17. DCE@urLAB: a dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI pharmacokinetic analysis tool for preclinical data - Ortuño Fisac, Juan Enrique; Ledesma Carbayo, María Jesús; Simões, Rui V.; Candiota, Ana Paula; Arús, Carles; Santos Lleo, Andres de
Background DCE@urLAB is a software application for analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging data (DCE-MRI). The tool incorporates a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) to interactively select and analyze a region of interest (ROI) within the image set, taking into account the tissue concentration of the contrast agent (CA) and its effect on pixel intensity. Results Pixel-wise model-based quantitative parameters are estimated by fitting DCE-MRI data to several pharmacokinetic models using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm (LMA). DCE@urLAB also includes the semi-quantitative parametric and heuristic analysis approaches commonly used in practice. This software application has been programmed in the Interactive Data Language (IDL) and...

18. A new PET prototype for proton therapy: comparison of data and Monte Carlo simulations - Rosso, V.; Battistoni, Giuseppe; Belcari, Nicola; Camarlinghi, N.; Ferrari, A.; Ferretti, S.; Kraan, A.; Mairani, A.; Marino, N.; Ortuño Fisac, Juan Enrique; Pullia, M.; Sala Herraez, Jose Alberto; Santos Lleo, Andres de; Sportelli, Giancarlo; Straub, K.; Guerra, Alberto del
Ion beam therapy is a valuable method for the treatment of deep-seated and radio-resistant tumors thanks to the favorable depth-dose distribution characterized by the Bragg peak. Hadrontherapy facilities take advantage of the specific ion range, resulting in a highly conformal dose in the target volume, while the dose in critical organs is reduced as compared to photon therapy. The necessity to monitor the delivery precision, i.e. the ion range, is unquestionable, thus different approaches have been investigated, such as the detection of prompt photons or annihilation photons of positron emitter nuclei created during the therapeutic treatment. Based on the measurement...

19. A gradient-enhanced continuum damage model for fibre-reinforced materials - Polindara López, Cesar Andrés; Waffenschmidt, Tobias; Menzel, A.; Blanco Ibáñez, Sergio; Goicolea Ruigómez, José María
Modelo de daño no local definido a materiales fibrados. Este modelo se aplica al estudio de problemas típicos en la biomecánica de los tejidos blandos, como las paredes arteriales.

20. AALUMO: a user model ontology for ambient assisted living services supported in next-generation networks - Moreno Sánchez, Pedro Antonio; Hernando Pérez, María Elena; Gómez Aguilera, Enrique J.
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) services are emerging as context-awareness solutions to support elderly people?s autonomy. The context-aware paradigm makes applications more user-adaptive. In this way, context and user models expressed in ontologies are employed by applications to describe user and environment characteristics. The rapid advance of technology allows creating context server to relieve applications of context reasoning techniques. Specifically, the Next Generation Networks (NGN) provides by means of the presence service a framework to manage the current user's state as well as the user's profile information extracted from Internet and mobile context. This paper propose a user modeling ontology for...

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