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  1. Agent-based modeling and simulation for the design of the future european Air Traffic Management system: the experience of CASSIOPEIA

    Molina, Martin; Carrasco, Sergio; Martín Cristobal, Jorge
    The SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) program is an ambitious re-search and development initiative to design the future European air traffic man-agement (ATM) system. The study of the behavior of ATM systems using agent-based modeling and simulation tools can help the development of new methods to improve their performance. This paper presents an overview of existing agent-based approaches in air transportation (paying special attention to the challenges that exist for the design of future ATM systems) and, subsequently, describes a new agent-based approach that we proposed in the CASSIOPEIA project, which was developed according to the goals of the...
    (application/pdf) - 24-nov-2017

  2. An analytical model for simulating the bond of prestressed concrete during the prestressed force release

    Benitez Baena, Jose Maria; Gálvez Ruiz, Jaime
    A bond analytical model is proposed in this paper. The model is capable of reproducing the bond stress developed between the steel and concrete, in precast prestressed elements, during the entire process of prestressing force release. The bond stress developed in the transmission zone, where the bond stress is not constant, is also obtained. The steel and concrete stresses as well as the slip between both materials can be also estimated by means of the relation established in the model between these parameters and the bond stress. The model is validated with the results of a series of tests, considering different steel indentation depths and concrete...
    (application/pdf) - 02-jun-2018

  3. Multi-criteria selection of structural adhesives to bond ABS parts obtained by rapid prototyping

    Arenas, Jose Manuel; Alia, Cristina; Blaya Haro, Fernando; Sanz Lobera, Alfredo
    One of the most used methods in rapidprototyping is Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), which provides components with a reasonable strength in plastic materials such as ABS and has a low environmental impact. However, the FDM process exhibits low levels of surface finishing, difficulty in getting complex and/or small geometries and low consistency in “slim” elements of the parts. Furthermore, “cantilever” elements need large material structures to be supported. The solution of these deficiencies requires a comprehensive review of the three-dimensional part design to enhance advantages and performances of FDM and reduce their constraints. As a key feature of this redesign...
    (application/pdf) - 24-may-2018

  4. An Experimental and Numerical Study of Ballistic Impacts on a Turbine Casing Material at Varying Temperatures

    Erice Echávarri, Borja; Galvez Diaz-Rubio, Francisco; Cendón Franco, David Ángel; Sanchez Galvez, Vicente; Borvik, Tore
    An experimental and numerical study of ballistic impacts on steel plates at various temperatures (700ºC, 400ºC and room temperature) has been carried out. The motivation for this work is the blade‐off event that may occur inside a jet engine turbine. However, as a first attempt to understand this complex loading process, a somewhat simpler approach is carried out in the present work. The material used in this study is the FV535 martensitic stainless steel, which is one of the most commonly used materials for turbine casings. Based on material test data, a Modified Johnson‐Cook (MJC) model was calibrated for numerical...
    (application/pdf) - 18-may-2018

  5. Efectos no estacionarios, de difusión preferencial y de liberación de calor en modelos de llamas laminares

    Vera Coello, Marcos
    En esta tesis se analiza la estructura y dinámica de llamas laminares premezcladas y de difusión sometidas a perturbaciones características de los flujos laminares y turbulentos. El análisis. basado en una combinación de métodos analíticos y numéricos, incluye los efectos de los valores distinto de las difusividades técnicas y másicas del combustible y el oxidante. En primer lugar, se presenta un estudio exhaustivo de los regímenes de combustión en la llama premezclada sometida a estiramiento entre dos corrientes opuestas, una de reactantes y otra de gases quemados cuya temperatura puede ser distinta a la temperatura adiabática de la corriente de...
    (application/pdf) - 15-may-2018

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