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  1. Initiatives and facilities for E&T in the nuclear science and technology master at UPM

    Ahnert Iglesias, Carolina; Mínguez Torres, Emilio; Perlado Martín, José Manuel; Gallego Díaz, Eduardo F.; Velarde Mayol, Pedro; Cabellos de Francisco, Oscar Luis; García Herranz, Nuria; Cuervo Gómez, Diana; Jiménez Varas, Gonzalo; Cotelo Ferreiro, Manuel; Lorente Fillol, Alfredo; Gonzalez Arrabal, Raquel; Rivera de Mena, Antonio; Rio Redondo, Emma del
    The present Master/Doctorate in Nuclear Science and Technology programme implemented in the Department of Nuclear Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (NED-UPM) has the excellence qualification by the Spanish Ministry of Education. One of the main of this programme is the training for the development of methodologies of simulation, design and advanced analysis, including experimental tools, necessary in research and in professional work in the nuclear field.
    (application/pdf) - 07-sep-2017

  2. The Role of the Spatial and Temporal Radiation Deposition in Inertial Fusion Chambers: The case of HiPER

    Alvarez Ruiz, Jesus; Garoz Gómez, David; Gonzalez Arrabal, Raquel; Rivera de Mena, Antonio; Perlado Martín, José Manuel
    The first wall armour for the reactor chamber of HiPER will have to face short energy pulses of 5 to 20 MJ mostly in the form of x-rays and charged particles at a repetition rate of 5–10 Hz. Armour material and chamber dimensions have to be chosen to avoid/minimize damage to the chamber, ensuring the proper functioning of the facility during its planned lifetime. The maximum energy fluence that the armour can withstand without risk of failure, is determined by temporal and spatial deposition of the radiation energy inside the material. In this paper, simulations on the thermal effect of...
    (application/pdf) - 09-sep-2017

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