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  1. Physiological and stoichiometry study on foliar nutrients and defensive characteristics of representative deciduous broad-leaved tree species in northern Japan under environmental changes [an abstract of entire text]

    石, 聡
    In chapter 1, I made a general introduction about environmental changes, tree species as well as general description about nutrients stoichiometry and defense characteristics. In natural forests, uptake and release are two important factors due to representative of primary flux in ecosystem. Nutrients are absorbed from soil and being used for plants growth, physiological responses or being returned via decomposition through litter fall and being available again for next nutrient cycling. Consequently, stoichiometry is dependent on the balance among uptake, amount of retranslocation rate and loss of the processes. At the same time, plant defense is a vital mechanism for...

  2. 北海道の森林における樹洞木と立枯れ木の動態及び機能に関する研究

    小野寺, 賢介
    Wise use of multiple ecosystem functions is critical to the sustainable development of human society. As a result of the continued increase in demand for timber production, declines in forest biodiversity have become serious problems worldwide. Cavity trees and snags provide essential habitat for many species, and are considered important elements in forest biodiversity conservation. The objectives of this study were to develop cavity and snag management plans, integrating biodiversity conservation with timber production in managed forests. Various species, from small-bodied rodents to large-bodied raptors, use cavities as their essential habitat (e.g. breeding and foraging sites). Because the size of...

  3. 組合員に対する農協の資金供給・決済システムの機能に関する研究 : システムの比較分析による組合員勘定制度の再評価 [全文の要約]

    森田, 泰之

  4. The mechanism for the maintenance of a color polymorphism in the myrmecophilous aphid, Macrosiphoniella yomogicola. [an abstract of entire text]

    渡邊, 紗織

  5. Studies on tracked dynamic model and optimum harvesting area for path planning of robot combine harvester [an abstract of entire text]

    Rahman, Md. Mostafizar

  6. Understanding the current distribution and biomass of an endangered salmonid species, Sakhalin taimen, by using environmental DNA [an abstract of entire text]

    水本, 寛基

  7. カバノキ属樹木の外樹皮の解剖学的特徴と力学的性質に関する研究 [全文の要約]

    渋井, 宏美

  8. Torrefaction of high moisture content biomass using fresh dairy manure [an abstract of entire text]

    Bakri, Sitty Nur Syafa Binti

  9. Development of a Harvesting Robot for Heavy-weight Crop [an abstract of entire text]

    Roshanianfard, Ali

  10. Assessing oil palm growth condition in Indonesia using remote sensing techniques [an abstract of entire text]

    Marimun, Heri Santoso

  11. チーズスターター乳酸菌Lactobacillus helveticus SBT2171の免疫制御作用に関する研究

    山下, 舞亜

  12. 外部飼料作組織における圃場分散問題に関する実証的研究 : コーディネーション・コストからのアプローチ

    西村, 和志

  13. Agricultural Remote Sensing by Multiple Sensors Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    杜, 蒙蒙

  14. Development of a Harvesting Robot for Heavy-weight Crop [an abstract of dissertation and a summary of dissertation review]

    Roshanianfard, Ali

  15. 窒素固定性シアノバクテリアNostoc sp.に対するホルモゴニア分化誘導因子の探索およびそれらの構造活性相関に関する研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]

    西塚, 紘明

  16. Functional evaluation of bean husk as a new feed ingredient for monogastric animals [an abstract of dissertation and a summary of dissertation review]

    Htun, Myint

  17. 生産者との提携的関係に基づく青果物流通企業の機能に関する研究 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]

    渡辺, 康平

  18. ネパールにおける労働力移動が農家世帯の消費及び投資に与える影響 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]

    森岡, 昌子

  19. ネパールにおける労働力移動が農家世帯の消費及び投資に与える影響

    森岡, 昌子

  20. 経済インセンティブを用いた灌漑管理制度に関する研究 : インドネシア・ジャワ島の水利組合の事例 [論文内容及び審査の要旨]

    毛利, 泰大

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