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  1. Demonstrating Value in Research Libraries: the Shared Service Standards Initiative

    Stanley, Tracey; Knowles, Jackie

  2. Dyons and dyonic black holes in ${\mathfrak {su}}(N)$ Einstein-Yang-Mills theory in anti-de Sitter space-time

    Shepherd, B.L.; Winstanley, E.
    We present new spherically symmetric, dyonic soliton and black hole solutions of the ${\mathfrak {su}}(N)$ Einstein-Yang-Mills equations in four-dimensional asymptotically anti-de Sitter space-time. The gauge field has nontrivial electric and magnetic components and is described by $N-1$ magnetic gauge field functions and $N-1$ electric gauge field functions. We explore the phase space of solutions in detail for ${\mathfrak {su}}(2)$ and ${\mathfrak {su}}(3)$ gauge groups. Combinations of the electric gauge field functions are monotonic and have no zeros; in general the magnetic gauge field functions may have zeros. The phase space of solutions is extremely rich, and we find solutions in...

  3. Music, Silence, and the Senses in a Late Fifteenth Century Book of Hours

    Shephard, T.; Stefanescu, L.; Sessini, S.

  4. Composing at the Intersection of East and West: Beyond Nationalism and Exoticism?

    Killick, A.P.

  5. The LODIE team (University of Sheffield) Participation at the TAC2015 Entity Discovery Task of the Cold Start KBP Track

    Gao, J.; Zhang, Z.; Gentile, A.L.
    This paper describes the LODIE team (from the OAK lab of the University of Sheffield) participation at TAC-KBP 2015 for the Entity Discovery task in the Cold Start KBP track. We have taken a cross-document coreference resolution approach that starts with Named EntityRecognitiontolocateandclassifymentions of named entities, followed by a clustering procedure that groups mentions referring to the same entity. Our primary interest was studying different features and their effect on the clustering process, as well as scalablemethodstocopewithverylargedata. We experimented with several feature combinationsandconcludethatthebestresultsareobtained using features based on entity surface forms and distributed word embeddings. To cope with large scale data,...

  6. 'In the midst of its enemies': Animal Pain and Capital Punishment in Beckett’s ‘Dante and the Lobster’

    Ebury, K.
    This article offers a fresh examination of the representation of nonhuman animals in Beckett’s early aesthetics, using ‘Dante and the Lobster’ as a case study. Beckett’s story is illuminated by historical documents including newspaper articles which will allow readers to see more clearly the deliberate parallels drawn between the question of the lobster’s suffering and the planned execution of a criminal which Belacqua contemplates throughout the day. An alternative reading model of the text, focusing on the Joycean concept of parallax rather than the Dantean concept of pity will be developed. The article closes by examining Beckett’s views on allegorical...

  7. Group Flow

    Cochrane, T.

  8. Black hole solutions in Einstein-charged scalar field theory

    Ponglertsakul, S.; Dolan, S.; Winstanley, E.
    We investigate possible end-points of the superradiant instability for a charged black hole with a reflecting mirror. By considering a fully coupled system of gravity and a charged scalar field, hairy black hole solutions are obtained. The linear stability of these black hole solutions is studied.

  9. Du bonapartisme des Misérables. Hugo et l'escamotage de la lutte des classes.

    Goergen, M.

  10. RePosit: JISC Final Report

    Middleton, B; Proudfoot, RE; Dipple, L; Jones, R; Double, J; Evans, J; Tilsed, I; James, E; Cockarill, N; Molloy, S
    The RePosit Project was funded under JISC funding call 2/10 – under the Deposit of Research Outputs strand. The purpose of the call was to fund projects which would ensure "take-up of solutions that enable and encourage author deposit of Open Access research outputs into repositories by embedding deposit into research or related practice.‟ The RePosit Project partners were all in the process of introducing a Research Information System (RIS) integrated with an institutional repository – and the purpose of the Project was to explore whether use of the RIS could increase the number of full-text deposits in a repository....

  11. A Stochastic Finite Element Model for the Dynamics of Globular Macromolecules

    Oliver, R; Read, DJ; Harlen, OG; Harris, SA
    We describe a novel coarse grained simulation method for modelling the dynamics of globular macromolecules, such as proteins. The macromolecule is treated as a viscoelastic continuum that is subject to thermal fluctuations. The model includes a non-linear treatment of elasticity and viscosity with thermal noise that is solved using finite element analysis. We have validated the method by demonstrating that the model provides average kinetic and potential energies that are in agreement with the classical equipartition theorem. In addition, we have performed Fourier analysis on the simulation trajectories obtained for a series of linear beams to confirm that the correct...

  12. Orthogonality relations and Cherednik identities for multivariable Baker-Akhiezer functions

    Chalykh, O; Etingof, P
    We establish orthogonality relations for the Baker-Akhiezer (BA) eigenfunctions of the Macdonald difference operators. We also obtain a version of Cherednik-Macdonald-Mehta integral for these functions. As a corollary, we give a simple derivation of the norm identity and Cherednik-Macdonald-Mehta integral for Macdonald polynomials. In the appendix written by the first author, we prove a summation formula for BA functions. We also introduce more general twisted BA functions and obtain for them identities of Cherednik type. This leads to an implicit construction of new quantum integrable models of Macdonald-Ruijsenaars type. Our approach does not require Hecke algebras and therefore is applicable...

  13. Measuring the marginal social costs of road transport: what are the most important elements?

    Nash, CA; Shires, JD; Link, H
    This paper analyses the state-of-the-art in estimating the social marginal cost of road transport. We show that the methods, though still being subject to uncertainty, are sufficiently advanced to be used for policy purposes. However, a genuine social marginal cost pricing would require a full set of estimates for all circumstances due to the location and situation specific character of social marginal cost. We therefore suggest an approach to generalise available cost estimates and transfer them to policy situations for which a fully fledged, bottom-up calculation of social marginal costs does not exist. We present results from this approach for...

  14. Can scale and coefficient heterogeneity be separated in random coefficients models?

    Hess, S; Rose, JM

  15. Biogeochemistry of highly alkaline waste disposal sites

    Stewart, D.I.; Mortimer, R.; Whittleston, R.; Palani, S.; Burke, I.
    Poorly disposed alkaline wastes at industrial legacy sites pose a serious environmental threat. Due to the cost and hazard of waste removal, in situ management is often the only option. Geomicrobiological processes occurring in and around the waste are critical to the geochemistry and therefore the mobility of toxic metals such as Cr(VI). Mechanistic understanding of the role of soil microbes would allow manipulation of conditions to achieve a desired engineering outcome such as the reductive precipitation of toxic metals. We present studies that provide insight into the role of soil micro-organisms in this process.

  16. Simulation of home daily activities for lifestyle monitoring systems development

    Cardinaux, Fabien; Brownsell, Simon; Bradley, David; Hawley, Mark
    Lifestyle monitoring (LM) technology is part of a new generation of telecare which aims to observe the daily activities of older or vulnerable individuals and hence determine if an intervention may be beneficial. The development and validation of new LM systems should ideally involve extensive trials with users in real conditions. Unfortunately, effective user trials are very challenging, generally limited in scope and very costly. In this paper, a simulator is proposed that can serve to generate synthetic data of daily activity which could then be used as a tool for the validation and development of LM systems. The most...

  17. Limit analysis of plates and slabs using a meshless equilibrium formulation

    Le, Canh V.; Gilbert, Matthew; Askes, Harm
    A meshless Element-Free Galerkin (EFG) equilibrium formulation is proposed to compute the limit loads which can be sustained by plates and slabs. In the formulation pure moment fields are approximated using a moving least-squares technique, which means that the resulting fields are smooth over the entire problem domain. There is therefore no need to enforce continuity conditions at interfaces within the problem domain, which would be a key part of a comparable finite element formulation. The collocation method is used to enforce the strong form of the equilibrium equations and a stabilized conforming nodal integration scheme is introduced to eliminate...

  18. An improved closed-form solution to interfacial stresses in plated beams using a two-stage approach

    Yang, J.; Ye, J.
    The shear stress and the normal stresses in the thickness direction at interfaces (referred as interfacial shear and transverse normal stresses hereafter) have played a significant role in understanding the premature debonding failure of beams strengthened by bonding steel/composite plates at their tension surfaces. Due to the occurrence of dissimilar materials and the abrupt change of the cross section, the stress distribution at plate ends becomes singular and hence is considerably complicated. Extensive experimental and analytical analyses have been undertaken to investigate this problem. Large discrepancies have been found from various studies, particularly from experimental results due to the well-acknowledged difficulty...

  19. Uncertain Flow Visualization using LIC

    Allendes Osorio, R.S.; Brodlie, K.W.
    In this paper we look at the Line Integral Convolution method for flow visualization and ways in which this can be applied to the visualization of two dimensional, steady flow fields in the presence of uncertainty. To achieve this, we start by studying the method and reviewing the history of modifications other authors have made to it in order to improve its efficiency or capabilities, and using these as a base for the visualization of uncertain flow fields. Finally, we apply our methodology to a case study from the field of oceanography.

  20. How to Look like a Counter-Reformation Saint

    Hills, Helen

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