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  1. High-resolution digital elevation model from tri-stereo Pleiades-1 satellite imagery for lava flow volume estimates at Fogo Volcano

    Bagnardi, M; González, PJ; Hooper, A
    Resolving changes in topography through time using accurate high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) is key to understanding active volcanic processes. For the first time in a volcanic environment, we utilize very-high-resolution tri-stereo optical imagery acquired by the Pleiades-1 satellite constellation and generate a 1-m-resolution DEM of Fogo Volcano, Cape Verde–the most active volcano in the Eastern Atlantic region. Point cloud density is increased by a factor of 6.5 compared to conventional stereo imagery, and the number of 1 m2 pixels with no height measurements is reduced by 43%. We use the DEM to quantify topographic changes associated with the 2014–2015...

  2. Distributed Binary Event Detection Under Data-Falsification and Energy-Bandwidth Limitation

    Nurellari, E; McLernon, D; Ghogho, M; Aldalahmeh, S
    We address the problem of centralized detection of a binary event in the presence of falsifiable sensor nodes (SNs) (i.e., controlled by an attacker) for a bandwidth-constrained under attack spatially uncorrelated distributed wireless sensor network (WSN). The SNs send their quantized test statistics over orthogonal channels to the fusion center (FC), which linearly combines them to reach a final decision. First (considering that the FC and the attacker do not act strategically), we derive (i) the FC optimal weight combining; (ii) the optimal SN to FC transmit power, and (iii) the test statistic quantization bits that maximize the probability of...

  3. Network analysis identifies proinflammatory plasma cell polarization for secretion of ISG15 in human autoimmunity

    Care, MA; Stephenson, SJ; Barnes, NA; Fan, I; Zougman, A; El-Sherbiny, Y; Vital, E; Westhead, D; Tooze, RM; Doody, GM
    Plasma cells (PCs) as effectors of humoral immunity produce immunoglobulins to match pathogenic insult. Emerging data suggests more diverse roles exist for PCs as regulators of immune and inflammatory responses via secretion of factors other than immunoglobulins. The extent to which such responses are pre-programmed in Blineage cells or can be induced in PCs by the microenvironment is unknown. Here we dissect the impact of IFNs on the regulatory networks of human plasma cells. We show that core PC programs are unaffected, while PCs respond to IFNs with distinctive transcriptional responses. The ISG15-system emerges as a major transcriptional output induced...

  4. Assessing the impact of pubs on community cohesion and wellbeing in the English countryside: a longitudinal study

    Cabras, I; Mount, MP
    Purpose The study presented in this paper explores and examines how public houses or pubs function as facilitators and developers of community cohesion and social interactions in rural areas of England. Design/methodology/approach The authors use data and information about facilities and services available for 284 rural parishes in two different points in time (2000 and 2010) to elaborate an index measurement of community cohesion. The index, created upon a range of discrete variables capturing multiple aspects of community living, is then investigated by using structural equation models to assess the impact of pubs in shaping the levels of community cohesion...

  5. Commons

    Pusey, A; Chatterton, P

  6. Assessing the biophysical impact and financial viability of soil management technologies under variable climate in Cabo Verde drylands: the PESERA-DESMICE approach

    Baptista, I; Irvine, BJ; Fleskens, L; Geissen, V; Ritsema, C
    Field trials have demonstrated the potential of soil conservation technologies but have also shown significant spatial-temporal yield variability. This study considers the PESERA-DESMICE modelling approach to capture a greater range of climatic conditions to assess the potential effect of an improved agricultural management practice emerged from field trials as a promising strategy for enhancing food security and reducing soil and land degradation. The model considers the biophysical and socio-economic benefits of the improved soil conservation technique (T3) - residue mulch combined with pigeon-pea hedges and an organic amendment, against a local baseline practice (T0). The historic rainfall statistics and 50-year...

  7. Role of OH variability in the stalling of the global atmospheric CH4 growth rate from 1999 to 2006

    McNorton, J; Chipperfield, MP; Gloor, EU; Wilson, C; Feng, W; Hayman, GD; Rigby, M; Krummel, PB; O'Doherty, S; Prinn, RG; Weiss, RF; Young, D; Dlugokencky, E; Montzka, SA
    The growth in atmospheric methane (CH4) concentrations over the past two decades has shown large variability on a timescale of several years. Prior to 1999 the globally averaged CH4 concentration was increasing at a rate of 6.0 ppb/yr, but during a stagnation period from 1999 to 2006 this growth rate slowed to 0.6 ppb/yr. From 2007 to 2009 the growth rate again increased to 4.9 ppb/yr. These changes in growth rate are usually ascribed to variations in CH4 emissions. We have used a 3-D global chemical transport model, driven by meteorological reanalyses and variations in global mean hydroxyl (OH) concentrations...

  8. Spectral deferred corrections with fast-wave slow-wave splitting

    Ruprecht, D; Speck, R
    The paper investigates a variant of semi-implicit spectral deferred corrections (SISDC) in which the stiff, fast dynamics correspond to fast propagating waves ("fast-wave slow-wave problem"). We show that for a scalar test problem with two imaginary eigenvalues iλ_fast, iλ_slow, having Δt(|λ_fast|+|λ_slow|)<1 is sufficient for the fast-wave slow-wave SDC (FWSW-SDC) iteration to converge and that in the limit of infinitely fast waves the convergence rate of the non-split version is retained. Stability function and discrete dispersion relation are derived and show that the method is stable for essentially arbitrary fast-wave CFL numbers as long as the slow dynamics are resolved. The...

  9. A review of how we should define (and measure) adherence in studies examining older adults’ participation in exercise classes

    Hawley-Hague, H; Horne, M; Skelton, D; Todd, C
    Exercise classes provide a range of benefits to older adults, reducing risk of illness, promoting functional ability and improving well-being. However, to be effective and achieve long-term outcomes exercise needs to be maintained. Adherence is poor and reporting of adherence differs considerably between studies. Objective To explore how adherence to exercise classes for older people is defined in the literature and devise a definition for pooling data on adherence in future studies. Design Methodological review of the approaches used to measure adherence Methods A review of the literature was carried out using narrative synthesis, based on systematic searches ofMEDLINE, EMBASE,...

  10. Opioid prescribing for cancer patients in the last year of life: a longitudinal population cohort study

    Ziegler, LE; Mulvey, MR; Blenkinsopp, A; Bennett, MI; Petty, D

  11. Randomized controlled trial of a Messaging Intervention to increase fruit and vegetable intake in adolescents: Affective versus instrumental messages

    Carfora, V; Caso, D; Conner, MT
    Objective. The present research aimed to test the efficacy of affective and instrumental text messages compared to a no message control as a strategy to increase fruit and vegetable intake (FVI) in adolescents. Design. A randomized controlled trial was used test impact of different text messages compared to no message on FVI over a 2 week period. Method. A total of 1065 adolescents (14–19 years) from a high school of the South of Italy completed the baseline questionnaire and were randomly allocated to one of three conditions: instrumental messages (N = 238); affective messages (N = 300); no messages (N...

  12. An Approach for Modeling and Ranking Node-level Stragglers in Cloud Datacenters

    Ouyang, X; Garraghan, P; Wang, C; Townend, P; Xu, J
    The ability of servers to effectively execute tasks within Cloud datacenters varies due to heterogeneous CPU and memory capacities, resource contention situations, network configurations and operational age. Unexpectedly slow server nodes (node-level stragglers) result in assigned tasks becoming task-level stragglers, which dramatically impede parallel job execution. However, it is currently unknown how slow nodes directly correlate to task straggler manifestation. To address this knowledge gap, we propose a method for node performance modeling and ranking in Cloud datacenters based on analyzing parallel job execution tracelog data. By using a production Cloud system as a case study, we demonstrate how node...

  13. Clinical Colorectal Cancer (CCRC-D-15-00186R1)

    Dimas, K; Papadopoulos, V; Tsapakidis, K; Del Galdo, F; Sakellaridis, N; Papandreou, C; Kamposioras, K

  14. The application of free-form grid shells as protective shelters in archaeological sites

    Iuorio, O; Homma, EE; Tsavdaridis, KD
    The challenge of preserving archaeological sites by the adoption of grid shells is investigated in this paper. Archaeological remains often require protection from external agents, especially environmental threats. In fact, when covered by soil, they are preserved effectively under certain equilibrium conditions. Nonetheless, when exposed to the outer environment they can easily deteriorate. Therefore, a shelter or enclosure may be provided for protection. When a large area requires protection, steel structures such as portal frames or two-dimensional trusses are extensively employed. These have a heavyweight character and require deep foundations, the construction of which is substantially limited in archaeological sites,...

  15. Deficits in social behavioral tests in a mouse model of alternating hemiplegia of childhood

    Kirshenbaum, GS; Idris, NF; Dachtler, J; Roder, JC; Clapcote, SJ
    Social behavioral deficits have been observed in patients diagnosed with alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC), rapid-onset dystonia-parkinsonism and CAPOS syndrome, in which specific missense mutations in ATP1A3, encoding the Na+,K+-ATPase α3 subunit, have been identified. To test the hypothesis that social behavioral deficits represent part of the phenotype of Na+,K+-ATPase α3 mutations, we assessed the social behavior of the Myshkin mouse model of AHC, which has an I810N mutation identical to that found in an AHC patient with co-morbid autism. Myshkin mice displayed deficits in three tests of social behavior: nest building, pup retrieval, and the three-chamber social approach test....

  16. Alan Turing

    Cooper, SB
    What is known today as the Turing machine model captures the character of everyday computation. On the one hand, Alan Turing’s design for a universal machine adumbrated the stored program computer — the ‘wheel’ of the impending computer revolution and the new information age. On the other hand, he described the unsolvable ‘Halting Problem’ of this machine: there is an incomputability observable by us but not by the machine. Turing seems to have seen a role for human intelligence, still, in today’s computationally and socially complex world. And he gave us the mathematics to put the failures of mathematics in...

  17. Aesthetics, Political

    Aiello, G; Parry, K

  18. The Reversing Machine: A Theatre of Kairos and Chronos

    Lewandowski, S; Belinfante, S
    A new version of the work we made for Arts Laboratory Berlin. The central device of this collaborative work (literally and figuratively comprising the functioning core) is a kinetic sculpture in the form of a self-reversing gearbox mechanism which will trigger and power various looping devices. As the drive shaft is powered the output turns at a steady rate for a certain amount of time then stops and quickly starts to turn in the opposite direction for the same amount of time; a mechanical palindrome. This behaviour is entirely determined by the mechanism, (not by any kind of digital controller)...

  19. The diagnostic concordance of whole slide imaging and light microscopy: a systematic review

    Randell, RS; Goacher, E; Williams, B; Treanor, D
    Context: Light microscopy (LM) is considered the reference standard for diagnosis in pathology. Whole slide imaging (WSI) generates digital images of cellular and tissue samples and offers multiple advantages compared to LM. Currently, WSI is not widely used for primary diagnosis. The lack of evidence regarding concordance between diagnoses rendered by WSI and LM is a significant barrier to both regulatory approval and uptake. Objective: To examine the published literature on the concordance of pathological diagnoses rendered by WSI compared to those rendered by LM. Data Sources: We conducted a systematic review of studies assessing the concordance of pathological diagnoses...

  20. Managing Quality and Safety In Real Time? Evidence From an Interview Study

    Randell, RS; Keen, J; Gates, C; Ferguson, E; Long, A; Ginn, C; McGinnis, E; Whittle, J
    Health systems around the world are investing increasing effort in monitoring care quality and safety. Dashboards can support this process, providing summary data on processes and outcomes of care, making use of data visualization techniques such as graphs. As part of a study exploring development and use of dashboards in English hospitals, we interviewed senior managers across 15 healthcare providers. Findings revealed substantial variation in sophistication of the dashboards in place, largely presenting retrospective data items determined by national bodies and dependent on manual collation from a number of systems. Where real time systems were in place, they supported staff...

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