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  1. A seat-level nowcast of the Front National in the 2017 legislatives

    Evans, JAJ; Ivaldi, G
    This research note looks to forecast the number of seats the Front National (FN) will win in the 2017 legislative election, using support in the 2015 regional election, the most recent nation-wide election. These regional elections showed another surge in electoral support for the Front National (FN). The party received 27.7 per cent of the first-round vote, and reached the runoff ballot in every metropolitan region except Corsica. In the second round, the FN won 27.1 per cent nationally, amassing a record 6.8 million votes and 358 regional councillors. Given the information this provides us about the geographical spread of...

  2. A membrane- free cation selective water- gated transistor

    Althagafi, T.M.; Al Baroot, A.; Algarni, S.A.; Grell, M.
    Sensors for the detection of waterborne cations are of great practical interest, and chemistry has synthesised a formidable catalogue of cation selective complexation agents (‘ionophores’) as selective sensitisers (e.g. 9-13, 15-19, 28, 29). Current ionophore- based sensors separate the complexation of the cation by the ionophore, and the transduction of complexation into an electrical signal, into separate components. We here unite both functions into a single, sensitised semiconducting layer of a water- gated organic thin film transistor (OTFT). The resulting OTFT transduces waterborne cations into an electrical signal with same selectivity, sensitivity, and limit of detection as established sensors at...

  3. Consumer Trust in User-Generated Brand Recommendations on Facebook

    Chari, S; Christodoulides, G; Presi, C; Wenhold, J; Casaletto, JP
    The transparency of social web paves the way for user-generated content (UGC) to become a trusted form of brand communication. Research offers little guidance on UGC and trust development in social networking sites (SNS) and has yet to debate the effects of ad-skepticism in the context of UGC and SNS. This study builds on theory to develop a conceptual framework that yields insights into the development of consumer trust towards user-generated brand recommendations (UGBR). A set-theoretic approach using fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis is applied to data derived from 303 consumers. The study findings suggest that high levels of trust in...

  4. Clinical epidemiology, treatment and prognostic factors of extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients

    Tsioutis, C.; Kritsotakis, E.; Karageorgos, S.; Stratakou, S.; Psarologakis, C.; Kokkini, S.; Gikas, A.

  5. Distribution and characteristics of overdeepenings beneath the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets: Implications for overdeepening origin and evolution

    Patton, H.; Swift, D.A.; Clark, C.D.; Livingstone, S.J.; Cook, S.J.
    Glacier bed overdeepenings are ubiquitous in glacier systems and likely exert significant influence on ice dynamics, subglacial hydrology, and ice stability. Understanding of overdeepening formation and evolution has been hampered by an absence of quantitative empirical studies of their location and morphology, with process insights having been drawn largely from theoretical or numerical studies. To address this shortcoming, we first map the distribution of potential overdeepenings beneath the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets using a GIS-based algorithm that identifies closed-contours in the bed topography and then describe and analyse the characteristics and metrics of a subset of overdeepenings that pass...

  6. Investigation into Energy Efficiency and Regeneration in an Electric Prosthetic Knee

    Awad, MI; Abouhossein, A; Chong, B; Dehghani-Sanij, AA; Richardson, R; Moser, D; Zahedi, S
    Powered lower limb prosthesis are facing energy and efficiency challenges. This article presents an investigation into reducing the energy losses and increasing the efficiencies of energy regeneration for a powered prosthetic knee during level ground walking. The results showed that the regeneration and overall system efficiencies would dramatically increase if the negative mechanical load in the braking quadrants are within the regenerative zone of the motor. This approach reduced the energy losses in the stance and swing phases and increased the possibility of harvesting more negative mechanical energy during level ground walking.

  7. Towards a Smart Semi-Active Prosthetic Leg: Preliminary Assessment and Testing

    Awad, MI; Abouhossein, A; Dehghani-Sanij, AA; Richardson, R; Moser, D; Zahedi, S; Bradley, D
    This paper presents a development of a semi-active prosthetic knee, which can work in both active and passive modes based on the energy required during the gait cycle of various activities of daily livings (ADLs). The prosthetic limb is equipped with various sensors to measure the kinematic and kinetic parameters of both prosthetic limbs. This prosthetic knee is designed to be back-drivable in passive mode to provide a potential use in energy regeneration when there negative energy across the knee joint. Preliminary test has been performed on transfemoral amputee in passive mode to provide some insight to the amputee/prosthesis interaction...

  8. Preparation and Antibacterial Properties of Silver-doped Nanoscale Hydroxyapatite Pastes for Bone Repair and Augmentation

    Wilcock, C.J.; Stafford, G.P.; Miller, C.A.; Ryabenkova, Y.; Fatima, M.; Gentile, P.; Möbus, G.; Hatton, P.V.
    The treatment of deep bone infections remains a significant challenge in orthopaedic and dental surgery. The relatively recent commercial manufacture of nanoscale hydroxyapatite has provided surgeons with an injectable biomaterial that promotes bone tissue regeneration, and with further modification it may be possible to incorporate antimicrobial properties into these devices. Silver-doped nanoscale hydroxyapatite pastes (0, 2, 5 and 10 mol. % silver) were prepared using a rapid mixing method. When the process was modified to prepare a 10 mol. % silver-doped material, silver phosphate was detected in addition to nanoscale hydroxyapatite. Thermal decomposition occurred more readily with greater silver content...

  9. Analysis of milling of dry compacted ribbons by distinct element method

    Hare, C; Ghadiri, M; Guillard, N; Bosworth, T; Egan, G
    Fine cohesive powders are often dry granulated to improve their flowability. Roller compaction is commonly used to produce dense ribbons which are then milled. The material properties of the powder and the conditions in the roller compactor affect the strength of the ribbons, however there is no method in the literature to predict the size distribution of the product of ribbon milling. Here we introduce a method, by using the Distinct Element Method (DEM) to determine the prevailing impact velocities and stresses in the mill, with bonded spheres representing the ribbons. The bond strength is calibrated by matching experimental results...

  10. Morphological properties of tunnel valleys of the southern sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet and implications for their formation

    Livingstone, S.J.; Clark, C.D.
    Tunnel valleys have been widely reported on the bed of former ice sheets and are considered an important expression of subglacial meltwater drainage. Although known to have been cut by erosive meltwater flow, the water source and development of channels has been widely debated; ranging between outburst flood events through to gradually occurring channel propagation. We have mapped and analysed the spatial pattern and morphometry of tunnel valleys and associated glacial landforms along the southern sector of the former Laurentide Ice Sheet from high-resolution digital elevation models. Around 2000 tunnel valleys have been mapped, revealing an organised pattern of sub-parallel, semi-regularly spaced valleys that form in...

  11. Temporary agency work: evolution, regulation and implications for performance

    Forde, C; Slater, G
    Temporary agency working continues to grow in the UK. This paper looks at a number of important developments in the agency industry, which generate implications for the performance of agencies, temps and the user firms in which temps work. These developments are: the increasingly complex set of contractual arrangements between agencies and user firms; the changing regulatory environment; and the the changing role of agencies in pay setting. The paper sets out some of the key performance implications of these developments. The paper reviews the state of the art literature on agency working, and draws on 15 years of primary...

  12. <>. Una nota ubaldiana nell'Itinerarium cuiusdam Anglici della Parker Library di Cambridge

    Costantini, L; Mariucci, F
    This article presents a new transcription, translation and philological discussion of a passage from the anonymous Itinerarium cuiusdam Anglici, which contains evidence about the most important cities and saints of Central Italy (Umbria and Marche) in the XIV century. The article is co-written with Dr Francesco Mariucci who provides an introduction to the philological discussion and the translation.

  13. Women hawkers in Tehran’s metro: Everyday politics and the production of public space

    Fadaee, S.; Schindler, S.D.
    Tehran’s metro symbolizes the city’s claims to world-class status and its expansion enjoys widespread support across the political spectrum. This article focuses on the ways in which the carriages reserved for women are appropriated by female hawkers in spite of the efforts of municipal officials determined to eliminate hawking within the metro. On an everyday basis the ubiquity of hawkers contributes to the production of a convivial atmosphere within the carriages reserved for women. However, the surreptitious appropriation of space comes at a cost for the hawkers who face competing pressures. While this space is emancipatory in the sense that...

  14. The Reform of the Application of Article 102 TFEU: Mission Accomplished?

    Akman, P
    This article examines the European Commission’s recent reform of its application of Article 102 TFEU (the prohibition of abuse of dominance). Using the Commission’s own reform documents and in particular the Guidance on enforcement priorities as the benchmark, the article investigates the post-reform decisions to establish the potential impact of the reform. Thus, the article analyses whether the application of Article 102 has indeed been reformed as a matter of fact (which in this context refers to the Commission’s decisional practice under Article 102) in line with the Commission’s aspirations and rhetoric. The study leads to several significant findings. Specifically,...

  15. The use of technology in group-work: a Situational Analysis of students’ reflective writing.

    McKinney, P.A.; Sen, B.A.
    Group work is a powerful constructivist pedagogy for facilitating students’ personal and professional development, but it can be difficult for students to work together in an academic context. The assessed reflective writings of undergraduate students studying Information Management are used as data in this exploration of the group work situation and what matters to students in terms of ensuring success. Situational Analysis provides the methodological framework and a number of mapping techniques are used to interrogate the data. Students reflect on the importance of communication for group work and identify the convivial tools they use when arranging meetings, working collaboratively...

  16. Size and shape of Greek Late Neolithic livestock suggest the existence of multiple and distinctive animal husbandry cultures

    Albarella, U.; Kazantzis, G.
    In this paper we discuss domestic livestock morphometric data from the Late Neolithic Greek regions of Macedonia and Thessaly. Six sites are considered, including a substantial and previously unpublished dataset from Promachon (Macedonia). The analysis of the size and shape of the animals indicates great variation between sites and regions, suggestive of the co-existence of multiple styles of husbandry. The site of Sitagroi stands out for its large and robust cattle and sheep, probably a consequence of its environmental setting, as well as the dynamism of its cultural and economic connections. In Thessaly, despite the existence of inter-site connections documented through the material culture, different sites maintained their independence...

  17. Evaluation of Wave Delivery Methodology for Brain MRE: Insights from Computational Simulations

    McGrath, D.M.; Ravikumar, N.; Beltrachini, L.; Wilkinson, I.D.; Frangi, A.F.; Taylor, Z.A.
    Purpose: Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) of the brain is being explored as a biomarker of neurodegenerative disease such as dementia. However, MRE measures for healthy brain have varied widely. Differing wave delivery methodologies may have influenced this, hence finite element-based simulations were carried out to explore this possibility. Methods: The natural frequencies of a series of cranial models were calculated, and MRE-associated vibration was simulated for different wave delivery methods at varying frequency. Displacement fields and the corresponding brain constitutive properties estimated by standard inversion techniques were compared across delivery methods and frequencies. Results: The delivery methods produced widely different MRE displacement fields and inversions. Furthermore, resonances at natural...

  18. The representation of solar cycle signals in stratospheric ozone – Part 1: A comparison of satellite observations

    Maycock, AC; Matthes, KM; Tegtmeier, S; Thieblemont, R; Hood, LL
    Changes in incoming solar ultraviolet radiation over the 11-year solar cycle affect stratospheric ozone abundances. It is important to quantify the magnitude, structure and seasonality of the associated solar-ozone response (SOR) to understand the impact of the 11-year solar cycle on climate. Part I of this two-part study uses multiple linear regression analysis to extract the SOR in a number of recently updated satellite datasets covering different periods within the epoch 1970 to 2013. The annual mean SOR in the updated version 7.0 (v7.0) SAGE II number density dataset (1984-2004) is very consistent with that found in the previous v6.2....

  19. Moving to capture children’s attention: developing a methodology for measuring visuomotor attention

    Hill, LJB; Coats, R; Mushtaq, F; Williams, JGH; Aucott, L; Mon-Williams, M
    Attention underpins many activities integral to a child’s development. However, methodological limitations currently make large-scale assessment of children’s attentional skill impractical, costly and lacking in ecological validity. Consequently we developed a measure of ‘Visual Motor Attention’ (VMA) - a construct defined as the ability to sustain and adapt visuomotor behaviour in response to task-relevant visual information. In a series of experiments, we evaluated the capability of our method to measure attentional processes and their contributions in guiding visuomotor behaviour. Experiment 1 established the method’s core features (ability to track stimuli moving on a tablet-computer screen with a hand-held stylus) and...

  20. Patterns of tree species composition at watershed-scale in the Amazon ‘Arc of Deforestation’: implications for conservation

    Morandi, PS; Marimon, BS; Eisenlohr, PV; Marimon-Junior, BH; Oliveira dos Santos, V; Feldpausch, TR; Almeida de Oliveira, E; Matias Reis, S; Lloyd, J; Phillips, OLB
    The loss of biodiversity in transitional forests between the Cerrado and Amazonia, the two largest neotropical phytogeographic domains, is an issue of great concern. This extensive region is located within the zone of the ‘arc of deforestation’ where tropical forests are being lost at the fastest rate on the planet, but floristic diversity and variation among forests here is still poorly understood. We aimed to characterize the floristic composition of forests in this zone and explore the degree and drivers of differentiation within and across Araguaia and Xingu watersheds. In ten sites we identified all trees with diameter ≥ 10...

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