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Este es el repositorio institucional de tres universidades del Reino Unido (York, Leeds y Sheffield), creado con el apoyo de SHERPA. Proporciona acceso a los artículos de investigación de las instituciones.

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1. I poeti davanti al ritratto. Da Petrarca a Marino - Pich, F

2. Sanitation and Water Supply in Low-income Countries - Mara, DD; Evans, BE
Water supply, sanitation and the means of practicing basic hygiene (WASH) are amongst the fundamental requirements of life. For the past 50 to 150 years people living in Europe, America and a few capital cities elsewhere around the globe have come to take for granted the provision of a virtually limitless supply of clean, safe water and the seemingly effortless removal of all human wastes ‘out of sight and out of mind’. That this miracle of collective political will, urban planning and engineering bravura is so much taken for granted is credit to the public health engineers, planners, civic administrators...

3. Non-classical Aspects in Proof Complexity - Beyersdorff, O
Proof complexity focuses on the complexity of theorem proving procedures, a topic which is tightly linked to questions from computational complexity (the separation of complexity classes), first-order arithmetic theories (bounded arithmetic), and practical questions as automated theorem proving. One fascinating question in proof complexity is whether powerful computational resources as randomness or oracle access can shorten proofs or speed up proof search. In this dissertation we investigated these questions for proof systems that use a limited amount of non-uniform information (advice). This model is very interesting as--- in contrast to the classical setting---it admits an optimal proof system as recently...

4. Graph-Based Methods in Computer Vision : Developments and Applications - Xiao, Bai; Cheng, Jian; Hancock, Edwin R

5. The Global Dynamics of Regenerative Medicine : A Social Science Critique - Webster, Andrew Joseph

6. Max Weber and Contemporary Capitalism - Gane, Nicholas Boris

7. EUROSLA Yearbook 12 - Roberts, Leah; Bardel, Camilla; Lindqvist, Christina; Abrahamsson, Niclas

8. From Rails to Roads : Rails and Roads between Competition and Interdependency - Roth, Ralf; Divall, Colin Michael

9. Scaling Up : The Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Rise of a New Profession - Divall, Colin Michael; Johnston, Sean

10. Suburbanizing the Masses : Public Transport and Urban Development in Historical Perspective - Divall, Colin Michael; Bond, Winstan

11. Making Histories in Transport Museums - Divall, Colin Michael; Scott, Andrew J.

12. The Culture of Commerce In England 1660-1720 - Glaisyer, Natasha Alice Florence

13. New Aesthetics in Computer Music 1995- - Myatt, Tony
This text describes the evolution and contextual basis for the emergence of new aesthetic approaches to computer music, which were developed outside academic or subsidised art institutions, in the commercial domain, from 1995, coinciding with the widespread use of portable computers in this field. It draws upon materials developed and researched in collaboration with professional practitioners during an AHRC research project about the emergence and operation of this field of work. Artists' methods, practice, philosophical and artistic contexts are described along with frameworks for analysis, critical assessment and understanding this radical and challenging area of sound art/music practice.

14. Oxford Handbook of Historical Archaeology - Symonds, James; Wilkie, Laurie

15. 爱恩.戴维斯, 爱恩.格莱格瑞 & 尼克.麦克基恩 - Davies, Ian; McGuinn, Nick; Gregory, Ian

16. Archaeological Practice in Great Britain : A Heritage Handbook - Schofield, John; Carman, John; Belford, Paul

17. 100 + ideas for teaching citizenship - Davies, Ian

18. Governing Financial Services in the European Union - Quaglia, Lucia

19. The Elgar Companion to Health Economics, Second Edition

20. Queer Youth and Self Harm: Psychosocial Perspectives - McDermott, Elizabeth; Roen, K

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