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  1. Paper money in the collections of the Fitzwilliam Museum

    Allen, MR; Jarrett, JA

  2. Eliciting Perceptual Ground Truth for Image Segmentation

    Hodge, Victoria Jane; Eakins, John; Austin, Jim
    In this paper, we investigate human visual perception and establish a body of ground truth data elicited from human visual studies. We aim to build on the formative work of Ren, Eakins and Briggs who produced an initial ground truth database. Human subjects were asked to draw and rank their perceptions of the parts of a series of figurative images. These rankings were then used to score the perceptions, identify the preferred human breakdowns and thus allow us to induce perceptual rules for human decomposition of figurative images. The results suggest that the human breakdowns follow well-known perceptual principles in...

  3. The Barker Collection of Ancient Greek Coins

    Markou, E
    A collection of Greek coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum

  4. Korean Coins in the Collections of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

    Blackburn, MAS; Jarrett, J

  5. UK child poverty gaps increasing

    Bradshaw, Jonathan Richard; Keung, Lai Wa

  6. UK child poverty gaps increasing

    Bradshaw, Jonathan Richard; Keung, Lai Wa

  7. Hearts and Minds:The Health Effects of Caring

    Hirst, Michael Anthony

  8. Teachers’ Topic Guides:Environmental Policy and Politics

    Tobin, Paul Alexander; Bomberg, Elizabeth
    This guide is designed for A-level and Scottish Higher teachers searching for an up-to-date overview of events and scholarship (both classic and contemporary) in the field of UK environmental politics and policy. The study of environmental policy in the UK covers a broad range of actors, issues and dynamics. We present here three guiding questions which capture the core features and major changes in environmental politics and policy in the UK. The three guiding questions are: 1. What are the key features of ‘environmental policy’? 2. Who are the main actors? 3. Where is UK environmental policy made?

  9. Eyes wide shut:Commons Defence Committee and UK security policy

    Ritchie, Nick

  10. Nuclear Realities:Worlds Apart

    Ritchie, Nick

  11. With the Sikhs

    McCann, Gerard

  12. An Evaluation of Phonetic Spell Checkers

    Hodge, Victoria Jane; Austin, Jim
    In the work reported here, we describe a phonetic spell-checking algorithm integrating aspects of Soundex and Phonix. We increase the number of letter codes compared to Soundex and Phonix. We also integrate phonetic rules but use far less than Phonix where retrieval may be slow due to the computational cost of comparing the input to a large list of transformation rules. Our algorithm aims to repair spelling errors where the user has substituted homophones in place of the correct spelling. We evaluate our algorithm by comparing it to three alternative spell-checking algorithms and three benchmark spell checkers (MS Word 97...

  13. Discretisation of Data in a Binary Neural k-Nearest Neighbour Algorithm

    Hodge, Victoria Jane; Austin, Jim
    This paper evaluates several methods of discretisation (binning) within a k-Nearest Neighbour predictor. Our k-NN is constructed using binary neural networks which require continuous-valued data to be discretised to allow it to be mapped to the binary neural framework. Our approach uses discretisation coupled with robust encoding to map data sets onto the binary neural network. In this paper, we compare seven unsupervised discretisation methods for retrieval accuracy (prediction accuracy) across a range of well-known prediction data sets comprising time-series data. We analyse whether there is an optimal discretisation configuration for our k-NN. The analyses demonstrate that the configuration is...

  14. A HADOOP-Based Framework for Parallel and Distributed Feature Selection

    Hodge, Victoria Jane; Jackson, Tom; Austin, Jim
    In this paper, we introduce a theoretical basis for a Hadoop-based framework for parallel and distributed feature selection. It is underpinned by an associative memory (binary) neural network which is highly amenable to parallel and distributed processing and fits with the Hadoop paradigm. There are many feature selectors described in the literature which all have various strengths and weaknesses. We present the implementation details of four feature selection algorithms constructed using our artificial neural network framework embedded in Hadoop MapReduce. Hadoop allows parallel and distributed processing so each feature selector can be processed in parallel and multiple feature selectors can...

  15. How to Engage Men in Self-Management Support

    Galdas, Paul Michael

  16. Validation of carbohydrate structures in CCP4 6.5

    Agirre, Jon; Cowtan, Kevin Douglas

  17. Research and Support for Developing a UK Strategy for Managing Contaminated Sediments (ME 1104):Task 2: Exploring Liability and the Polluter Pays Principle

    Etherington, Laurence Mark; Bell, Stuart James
    This report comprises the output of Task 2 Exploring Liability and the Polluter Pays Principle of Project ME 1104: Research and Support for Developing a UK Strategy for Managing Contaminated Sediments. The wider project produced a 'Synthesis' document (May 2010):, which formed the basis of a 'Draft Decision Framework' issued for consultation in August 2010: Key Findings from the Task/Report include: The application of liability regimes, and the different variables, to particular fact patterns found in the CMS Case Studies suggests that there are no general answers to questions relating to the recovery and transfer of costs and...

  18. The Reversing Machine: A Theatre of Kairos and Chronos

    Lewandowski, S; Belinfante, S
    A new version of the work we made for Arts Laboratory Berlin. The central device of this collaborative work (literally and figuratively comprising the functioning core) is a kinetic sculpture in the form of a self-reversing gearbox mechanism which will trigger and power various looping devices. As the drive shaft is powered the output turns at a steady rate for a certain amount of time then stops and quickly starts to turn in the opposite direction for the same amount of time; a mechanical palindrome. This behaviour is entirely determined by the mechanism, (not by any kind of digital controller)...

  19. The Humanitarian Initiative in 2015:NPT Paper 1

    Ritchie, Nick

  20. How local authorities allocate resources to carers through carer personal budgets

    Mitchell, Wendy Ann
    Key aims of the study were to explore: - What approaches local authorities in England were using to determine eligibility for, and levels of, carer personal budgets. - Why these approaches were used. - Anticipated changes to these approaches following implementation of the Care Act (the study was conducted before the Care Bill received Royal Assent).

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