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  1. Relations Between Parent Involvement and Coparenting Relationship Quality

    Rule, Angela
    Coparenting involves the degree to which parents are able to successfully coordinate their parenting roles and responsibilities (McHale, 1995). Studies have shown that children whose parents have more supportive, cooperative coparenting relationships show more positive adjustment (e.g., Schoppe, Mangelsdorf, & Frosch, 2001). We also know that involvement of parents in their children’s lives greatly enhances a child’s development across the life span (e.g., McBride, Schoppe-Sullivan, & Ho, 2005). However, little research has examined relations between mothers’ and fathers’ individual involvement with their children and the quality of the coparenting relationship. In the “Parents and Preschoolers Study” conducted by Dr. Sarah...
    - 23-abr-2014

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