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Comparative Media Studies (CMS) - Archived

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  1. CMS.405 Media and Methods: Seeing and Expression, Spring 2009

    Davenport, Glorianna
    This class examines frameworks for making and sharing visual artifacts using a trans-cultural, trans-historical, constructionist approach. It explores the relationship between perceived reality and the narrative imagination, how an author's choice of medium and method of construction constrains the work, how desire is integrated into the structure of a work, and how the cultural/economic opportunity for exhibition/distribution affects the realization of a work. Students submit three papers and three visual projects. Work is discussed and critiqued in class. Students present final projects an exhibition at the end of term. Instruction and practice in written and oral communication is provided.
    - 30-abr-2017

  2. CMS.801 Media in Transition, Fall 2004

    Ravel, Jeffrey S.
    This course centers on historical eras in which the form and function of media technologies were radically transformed. It includes consideration of the "Gutenberg Revolution," the rise of modern mass media, and the "digital revolution," among other case studies of media transformation and cultural change. Readings cover cultural and social history and historiographic methods.
    - 30-abr-2017

  3. 21F.027J / CMS.874 / 21H.917J Visualizing Cultures, Spring 2008

    Dower, John; Miyagawa, Shigeru
    In this new course, students will study how images have been used to shape the identity of peoples and cultures. A prototype digital project looking at American and Japanese graphics depicting the opening of Japan to the outside world in the 1850s will be used as a case study to introduce the conceptual and practical issues involved in "visualizing cultures". The major course requirement will be creation and presentation of a project involving visualized cultures.
    - 30-abr-2017

  4. 21F.027J / CMS.874 / 21H.917J Visualizing Cultures, Spring 2003

    Dower, John W.; Miyagawa, Shigeru
    Extensive reading and discussion of how visual images impose a variety of identities on individuals and societies. Case studies drawn primarily from the Pacific region, and include: identities of individuals in a society; identities of a country through history; us/them in times of war; and identities of an entire geographic region of the world (Orient/Occident). All types of visual images from both popular and high cultures are discussed. Students develop a course project. Taught in English. From the course home page: Course Description In this new course, students will study how images have been used to shape the identity of...
    - 11-may-2017

  5. 21H.418 / CMS.880 Technologies of Word 1450-2000, Fall 2002

    Ravel, Jeffrey S.
    Explores the impact of the printing press upon European politics and culture during the first several centuries after Gutenberg and compares these changes with the possibilities and problems inherent in contemporary electronic technologies of the word. Assignments include formal essays and online projects. From the Course Home Page: Course Description There has been much discussion in recent years, on this campus and elsewhere, about the death of the book. Digitization and various forms of electronic media, some critics say, are rendering the printed text as obsolete as the writing quill. In this subject we will examine the claims for and...
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