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  1. Sensory Motor Conflict Theory for Motion Sickness: Oman letter to Reason

    Oman, Charles M.
    CM Oman (MIT) letter to JT Reason (U. Manchester) describing Sensory Motor Conflict Theory for motion sickness, as initially presented at NASA Vestibular Motion Sickness Workshop at Johnson Space Center November, 1978, and later elaborated in Oman, C. M. (1982). "A heuristic mathematical model for the dynamics of sensory conflict and motion sickness." Acta Otolaryngologica (Stockholm) 94(S392): 4-44.
    - 17-mar-2018

  2. Brainstem processing of vestibular sensory exafference: implications for motion sickness etiology

    Oman, Charles; Cullen, Kathleen
    The origin of the internal “sensory conflict” stimulus causing motion sickness has been debated for more than four decades. Recent studies show a subclass of neurons in the vestibular nuclei and deep cerebellar nuclei that respond preferentially to passive head movements. During active movement, the semicircular canal and otolith input (“reafference”) to these neurons is cancelled by a mechanism comparing the expected consequences of self-generated movement (estimated with an internal model- presumably located in the cerebellum) with the actual sensory feedback. The un-cancelled component (“exafference”) resulting from passive movement normally helps compensate for unexpected postural disturbances. Notably, the existence of...
    - 23-may-2014

  3. Spatial orientation and navigation in microgravity

    Oman, Charles M.
    Manuscript for Spatial Processing in Navigation, Imagery and Perception, F. Mast and L. Janeke, eds.
    - 23-jun-2010

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