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J-PAL Datasets

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  1. Women as Policy Makers: Evidence from a Randomized Policy Experiment in India

    Raghabednra Chattopadhyay; Esther Duflo
    This data set uses political reservations for women in India to study the impact of women's leadership on policy decisions. Using a dataset we collected on 265 village councils in West Bengal and Rajasthan, we compare the type of public goods provided in reserved and unreserved village?s councils. Data sets based upon information provided by GP Pradhans, local villagers, and the 1991 Indian Census
    - 23-jun-2010

  2. Udaipur Health Study

    Abhijit Banerjee; Angus Deaton; Esther Duflo
    This data set contains data on the health histories of, and access to healthcare facilities for, individuals located in the Udaipur districts of Rajasthan, India. Data was collected at the household level, as well as at the individual level, separately for adults and children. Also, private and public healthcare facilities located in the area were also surveyed.
    - 23-jun-2010

  3. Monitoring Works: Getting Teachers to Come to School

    Esther Duflo; Rema Hanna
    This data was collected from a randomized experiment run by Seva Mandir and J-PAL in the tribal villages of Udaipur, India. An incentives program was implemented to reduce high teacher absence in non-formal primary education centers (NFEC's). In 60 randomly chosen centers (out of 120) teachers were given a camera with a tamper-proof date and time function, along with instructions to have one of the children photograph the teacher and other students at the beginning and end of the school day. The time and date stamp on the photographs were used to track teacher attendance. A teacher's salary was a...
    - 23-jun-2010

  4. Balsakhi

    Abhijit Banerjee; Shawn Cole; Esther Duflo; Leigh Linden
    The purpose of the data collection was to evaluate two programs implemented by Pratham, an Indian NGO. The first program, remedial education, was implemented from 2001-2003 in Vadodara and Mumbai. The second program, a computer-aided learning program, was implemented in Vadodara only from 2001-2004. Data included in this study are results from pre-, mid- and post-tests of language and math skills. The tests were designed and conducted by Pratham, in public schools in the two cities. The goal of the study was to measure the impact of programs on child educational achievement, as measured by test scores. Data on attendance...
    - 23-jun-2010

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